June 7, 2023

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Gabriel Boric and Jose Antonio Casting go to second presidential round in Chile | News

Chile’s Electoral Service (Surveillance), after a 97.52 percent turnout in the polls, shows that the second round for the presidency will take place between Abrew Dignity’s candidate Gabriel Boric and far-right Jose Antonio Cast. December 19.

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Election day in Chile begins with closing day

According to the survey, 45,726 of the total 46,887 tables to be examined have a review percentage. At the moment, Cast is leading with 27.93 percent in this first round, followed by Boric with 25.76 percent.

For his part, New Social Coalition candidate Yasna Provoste received 11.64 percent (795,497 votes), Sebastian Chichel (868,160 votes) and Franco Barrici (879,667) 12.71 and 12 percent, respectively.

Below are candidates Marco Enríquez-Ominami with 7.61 percent (519,778 votes) and Professor Eduardo Artés Brichetti with 1.47 percent points (100,268 votes).

In terms of votes abroad, it should be noted that the Boric candidate won over countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Italy and New Zealand; Cast achieved a majority in Israel.

President Sebastian Pinera congratulated Borick and Cast for advancing to the second round, while acknowledging that Chile must move forward, “we want to build a better country for all, where our dreams can be fulfilled,” he added. .

“The future president of Chile will have to face enormous and demanding challenges such as the fight against climate change, the fight against epidemics, as well as working with the dreams and needs of the Chilean people,” he said.

Candidate Report

Abrew Dignity candidate Gabriel Borick stressed that this is not the first time the alternative sector has weakened, saying, “We must work for the unity of the Democrats. This is not the first time we have started from behind. , “He added.

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“We are the spokesmen for faith, dialogue and solidarity, and we are going to use the Crusades to dispel fear throughout Chile. I deeply appreciate the faith of thousands of Chileans,” Borick said.

Candidate Borik stressed that his plan defends the principles of justice and dignity, “we come from a long struggle, from those of us who voted against dictatorship to those who fight to protect the environment,” he added.

“We must not fall prey to any harm or provocation.

For his part, the Pinochet candidate, Jose Antonio Cost, thanked his fighters for his support on this day, saying, “This is a valuable path, and we represent the millions of Chileans who look forward to the future with confidence.”

“Thank you for supporting the project, I thank every Chilean who trusted us. We would like to invite the people of Chile and show them why we need to increase this project. We have taken the first step today to make the trust a reality,” Cast said.

Cost stressed that his plan was not discriminatory, adding that “Chile is a country where no one is superfluous beyond political differences, and we must return to unity and justice.”

“We have to reduce the state, we have to respect the Carpineros and the armed forces, we do not want to go to more complicated countries (…) we want to progress because we want to progress. Development is pulling us up,” said the Pinochetist candidate.

After learning of the results of the referendum, Socialist Party (PS) leader Alvaro Elizalde called on his militancy to vote for a second round of war before the danger of Pinochetism’s return to La Monet, saying, “Cast poses a threat to the lives of the Chilean people.”

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Election day was held in large numbers, and there were complaints in some areas where polling stations were closed despite citizens waiting to exercise their right to vote.

Despite surveillance officials insisting that citizens’ rights be respected as long as they are in line, these complaints occurred, “as long as a voter stands in line inside or outside the premises, they must get all the votes on the table. Before closing,” they said.

The Chilean people elect a new president, and on this day elect their representatives to senators and regional councils.