June 4, 2023

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Funny New Year message from Barack and Michelle Obama

Christmas and New Year holidays are usually reflective and good wishesMany people pour their inspiring messages through social networks. They do too Celebrities and celebrities, Whose words can be famous.

Others use the opportunity to leave snapshots of how they are celebrating, and sometimes those intimate moments attract attention. That’s what happened to a photo Former United States President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, Which soon went viral.

Michelle Obama’s message.Twitter

A photo uploaded by former First Lady Michelle Obama shows her and her husband Masks designed for the occasion. Small yellow and star shaped masks around their eyes They have the number 2022 and the English word Loading, Loads, in its Spanish translation.

Both Michael and Barack CoIThey decided on black for the occasion. When he chose a short sleeve shirt, dress pants and sneakers; She chose a skirt, blouse and jacket with floral embellishments. They are both funny.

Michelle joined the film with a promising message. “Happy New Year to me and my flower …! Congratulations on a happy, loving and healthy New Year to all”.

In just half an hour, the photo received nearly 7,000 retweets, about 2,000 quote tweets and more 90 thousand likes, It calculates Still developing sympathy Obamas on social media, despite leaving the White House five years ago.

In December, by the end of 2021, Obama shared what he had on his Instagram account Favorite books and movies Throughout the year. He chose them because of the “lasting impression” they had on him, he explained.

Your favorite books

Your favorite movies

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