April 1, 2023

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French Senate approves controversial pension reform

France’s Senate approves controversial pension reform despite strong public opposition (REUTERS)

He Senate Approved Controversial pension reform raised by the French administrator Emmanuel Macron. The decision of the upper house was given after a positive vote 195 membersAgainst 112 against and in spite of several days Resistance It has flooded the country’s streets in recent weeks.

“An important step has been taken. We are fully committed to allowing final adoption in the next few days.”The Prime Minister announced within minutes of knowing the decision Elizabeth Bourne when Socialist Senator Monique Lubin lamentation: “This is a black day for all workers in the country.”

To achieve this result, the administrator implemented The expedited procedure allowed him to debate the proposal a day earlier, thereby preempting several amendments tabled by the opposition..

After this important step, the project will continue towards its course National Assembly, Where will it be? reviewed It will be agreed by a joint committee of legislators from the lower house and the upper house from Wednesday General version. Then, subject to it Final vote In both houses of the legislative branch, if there is a positive outcome to the debate, it could be held as soon as Thursday or last until March 26.

Elizabeth Bourne celebrates the plan’s approval in the Senate (REUTERS).

However, results in the lower house still look uncertain as Macron’s party needs the votes of its allies to win a majority. That is why his cabinet has already started negotiations to ensure this second milestone for the project.

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However, where a common view cannot be gathered that would ensure a majority in the final vote, Bourne may resort to a method. An underused and highly controversial constitutional instrument Known as Article 49.3This guarantees that legislation will be approved without a parliamentary vote.

Project is looking for Delay retirement age from 62 to 64 By 2030 as well The minimum age for full pension should be raised from 42 to 43With the intention of being used in 2027. According to the administration, this is a major reform Balanced budget in future.

The executive has already started negotiations to reach a common vision in the lower house (REUTERS).

In this sense, in the Senate, the Macronista bloc benefited from the support of the conservatives. Republicanswhose leader, Bruno RetailerHe defended reform as an imperative Save the country from the “demographic shock” that the evolution of population implies in the coming years.”The main function of unity is to guarantee the balance of the system”, the French labor minister previously argued in the Senate, Oliver Dussopt.

However, most Society French, with strong support trade unions And also youth Hectares refused proposal.

The project has been strongly rejected by the community (REUTERS)

“I don’t want to work all my life and finally get tired. I don’t want my parents to die working.”Last week announced one of the teenagers who participated in the marches organized since January 19.

During a group the tense atmosphere rose to its maximum days before trade unionists sent a Garda Macron demands Meeting and A Referendum In this case he denied both. “This lack of response to us represents a democratic problem and could lead to an explosion.”Mentions the letter sent to the Élysée Palace.

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(With information from Reuters, AFP and EFE)

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