April 1, 2023

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France approaches Australia and raises tone with the British | Hijacked a British fishing vessel in disputed waters

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Then the first contact Diplomatic crisis over cancellation of millionaire deal to buy French submarines. Macron noted that the Canberra decision had broken the trust relationship between the two countries. When, France raises tensions with UK over seizure of British fishing vessel off French coast. The Macron government blames the Johnson administration for failing to issue French fishermen half of their fishing licenses to continue fishing in British waters.

Without hope

In a statement issued after the talks, France stressed that the decision, an Australian decision, had broken the trust between the two countries. In mid-September, Australia canceled a deal to buy 56 billion euros worth of French-made submarines and announced the purchase of at least eight nuclear submarines. AUKUS Security Agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom.

“President Macron recalled that Australia unilaterally decides to reduce Franco-Australian strategic partnership by ending submarine project Marine class in support of another project not yet mentioned The trust between the two countries has broken the relationship”, Said the French government a Release.

“Now The Australian Government must propose concrete measures that reflect the political will of the Australian authorities To redefine the foundations of our relationship and to pursue joint action in the Indo-Pacific region, ”the text continues.

In addition, they insist on obtaining financial compensation for breach of contract. “We will pay special attention to the situation of French companies and their subsidiaries, including Australian companies affected by this decision,” the French government said.

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An “honest discussion”

Shortly after the Macron government statement, The Australian government promised to be one of the leaders “Real debate” Relations between Australia and France. “The Prime Minister was pleased to be able to speak with President Macron. They discussed bilateral relations openly.”, Morrison spokesman assured the newspaper Australian“The Prime Minister hopes to cooperate in our shared interests, especially in the Indo-Pacific region in the future,” he added.

In the morning, a Press conference, Morrison said he was aware that “there is deep frustration in France with the decision we have made in favor of our national interests.”. He also welcomed the French Ambassador to Australia. “I’m glad he came here. I’ve had a good engagement with him for the past week.”Said the Prime Minister. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of the “spirit of cooperation” between nations. “We are both Indo-Pacific (…) France visitors, not just participants. They are part of the French territory here.”

In 2016 Australia signed an agreement to purchase French submarines. Following the cancellation of Canberra, Paris opposed the decision and invited its ambassadors to Australia and the United States for consultation. Macron assures the government that it has not received notice of the talks Security agreement with Washington and London. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called it “a punch in the back.”

Post-Brexit fishing deals

While on the English Channel, a dispute between France and the United Kingdom escalated after the arrest of a British fishing vessel in French waters. “We were patient, our fishermen were responsible. Enough: From November 2, we will take revenge.”, Said Clement Peon, Secretary of State for European Affairs. This week the French government spokesman Gabriel Attell confirmed that France will “ban British seaports from landing” and establish “proper customs and health restrictions on landing (British) products”.

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France considers that the United Kingdom does not issue fishing licenses to almost half of its fishermen, After Brexit, guarantees the right to fish in British legal waters. “This is not war, it is war. French and fishermen have rights. There is a signed agreement. We have to use it. We have the right to fish, we have to protect them, we will protect them,” the French maritime minister said. , Annick Girardin.

For its part, The UK claims to have allowed 98 per cent of EU ship license applications to fish in its territorial waters. But France points out that the figures are incorrect. “Only 90.3 per cent have been provided. Apparently, 10 per cent of the missing are French,” says Minister Girardine.

A spokesman for the British administration said on Thursday “France’s threats are disappointing and unequal” He warned that if implemented “because they do not seem to be in compliance” with international law, “they will receive an appropriate response.”