January 27, 2023

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Francatelli described his meeting with a “sheikh” in Qatar and the unexpected ending left everyone speechless.

From the start World Cup Qatar 2022, the streets of Doha were flooded with thousands of Argentinians who took a break from their lives to cheer on the Argentine team in the most anticipated sporting event. A crowd was seen by this time Diego Brancatelli has been living in Qatar with his family for several weeks. Passing the final leg of his journey, the journalist took to his social networks to share An unusual event where he acted with “Arab Sheikh”.

Diego Francatelli describes his meeting with an “Arab sheikh” in Qatar

Like hundreds of other guys, Francatelli had the opportunity to travel to the Middle East to experience the World Cup firsthand. But he was not alone, but with his partner, journalist Cecilia Inzinga, and their two children in common.

They had many unforgettable experiences on Qatari soil – good and bad.But what they acted a few days ago and what the journalist decided was very unusual. Share a funny video with your 103,000+ Instagram followers.

Diego Brancatelli went to Qatar to watch the World Cup with his family
Diego Brancatelli went to Qatar to watch the World Cup with his familyinstagram @diegobrancatelli

Even weeks before the start of the World Cup, both social networks and the media are full of stories being told. Excellent hospitality of Qatari citizens towards tourists. There are many cases of Argentines who received invitations to large mansions or groups of fans who were entertained with meat and drinks. On a massive barbecue.

What Francatelli never imagined was that he and his family would live a similar experience. “We’re going to tell you something that happened to us, and this time it was good,” he introduced. “We have moved many times in Qatar and this is the last rental. Our renter came dressed as an Arab, with a lot of silver, one meter eighty tall, one four by four. Awesome!” He added, to provide some context.

Narrated by Diego Francatelli "Arab sheikh" He gave them his country house
Diego Brancatelli recounted that an “Arab sheikh” gave them his country houseinstagram @diegobrancatelli

After a long and difficult conversation, “Sheikh” – the nickname the Insingales gave him – told them he had a country house, and as they had developed a good relationship, he invited them to meet. “We came, and when he saw us happy, when he saw the boys running, did you like the house?” they said together. Without hesitation, they say they love it, and in return, He offered to stay and pay the same rental price as they had agreed on for the other properties.

Surprised, they recounted: “It is a palace. 5 thousand square meters of park, grass, which is incredible grass in Qatar, trees, a heated pool, it houses 30 people. While they describe what the place looks like, you can see the grand property with all its luxurious amenities in the video.

Diego Brancatelli showed an incredible country house "Arab sheikh" and Qatar
Diego Brancatelli showed them an incredible country house in Qatar that an “Arab sheikh” lent them.instagram @diegobrancatelli

as small as The “Sheikh” provided them with everything they needed for their stay. “He left the freezer with meat, fish, Starbucks coffee capsules, soft drinks, chocolate milk, juice, five types of bread.” Finally, they concluded: “This can only happen to you in Qatar, and only if you’re Argentine.”.


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