January 27, 2023

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Fourth wave of corona virus in Germany: Angela Merkel calls for “national initiative”

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is responsible for monitoring the epidemic, recorded 45,081 coronavirus cases and 228 deaths today, so the number of these new infections exceeded 11,000 recorded last week.

In this sense, a total of 277.4 people per 100,000 citizens have been affected and the growth in this number is significant compared to last month, reaching 65.5. .

Southeast Germany has been hit hardest by an increase in SARS Cove-2 cases.

A total of 620.7 cases per 100,000 population were reported in the state of Saxony, 514.4 in Thuringia and 478.7 in Bavaria.

All three states have one of the lowest vaccination rates compared to the rest of the country.

In Germany, at least 70 percent of people are vaccinated with a single dose.

The total number of patients admitted to the hospital was 2,851. Most of the victims in the hospitals were not vaccinated or did not use all the drugs.

The total number of beds available is 2,478, according to the latest RKI reports.

In addition, the Robert Koch Institute reported that the proportion of patients admitted to the hospital reached 4.70 per 100,000 population.

Although this number is higher than the numbers recorded in recent months, it is far from the data that it is reported to have reached 15.5 without vaccination by 2020. .

Of the total epidemics, 4,987,971 cases and 97,617 deaths were recorded in Germany. .

While emphasizing the importance of the vaccine and insisting that they adhere to the vaccination schedule, President Angela Merkel called on the German people to “nationalize”.

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In addition, he urged citizens to stick together and encourage personal attention to protect themselves and others.

Merkel met with 35 doctors and scientists to control the 4th wave of Govt-19.

The purpose of the meeting was to change the epidemic management to meet this new stage.

Scientists have called on the government to create a national crisis team of experts in medicine, biology and public health and experienced in managing clinics and institutions.