February 4, 2023

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Former Savista Minister Rafael Ramirez has called for a referendum in Venezuela: “Nicolas Maduro has been destroying the country for 8 years.”

Rafael Ramirez, a former Petroleum Minister and leader of the PDVSA, is a fierce critic of dictator Nicolas Maduro (EFE / Boris Vergara).

Rafael Ramirez, one of the former Savista ministers who was most critical of Nicolas Maduro, took aim again against the Venezuelan dictator. In an article published this Sunday on his website. This was stated by the former President of Petrolios de Venezuela (PDVSA) The dictator must be withdrawn by Venezuela.

“Nicolas Maduro must be withdrawn because there is no possibility of reforming his government, which for 8 years has destroyed the country and its economy, plunging the people into poverty and despair.; Snatching its political, economic and social gains, making a country more unjust and unequal than ever, destroying institutions and overthrowing the state, ”Rameres said, referring to Maduro as“ Venezuela’s worst government ”. Pushes the country into a deep political, economic, social and spiritual crisis.

“The Maduro government has distorted the institutional structure of the state and turned it into a violent mafia network in the service of the interests of the group that maintains itself in power, acting outside the constitution and the law. The Minister mentioned in his article.

Ramirez recalled that as a result of the severe humanitarian crisis, nearly six million Venezuelans were forced to flee the country.: “This government has displaced the country and created a major setback in all areas of national life, undermining its values ​​and ending the hopes of an entire population, which led to the exodus of more than 5.9 million Venezuelans from our homeland. The search for a future, a place to live.”

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“Thousands of lines could be written to describe the devastation in Venezuela under the Maduro government, but that is not their purpose. What I want is to emphasize the need to promote a radical change in the country, including the ouster of Nicolas Maduro,” he added.

Rafael Ramirez called on the Venezuelan people to recall Nicolas Maduro (AFP).
Rafael Ramirez called on the Venezuelan people to recall Nicolas Maduro (AFP).

In that sense he has pointed this out Withdrawal is “a powerful tool enshrined in the Constitution, precisely to liberate the country from the tyranny and power groups that have enthroned the government against the will of the people.”

He pointed out that “a mobilization mechanism for the people”: “Participation and the protagonist Savista is an essential tool for the exercise of democracy, which demonstrates the principle that there is sovereignty among the people.”

However, Ramis warned The Maduro regime will “try to prevent the fate of the country, in their own future, by direct, independent and universal suffrage, as established by the Constitution, in all possible ways.”: “There is very little recollection because he knows precisely Maduro will not win any election.”

“In the President’s reminder, Nicolas Maduro must confront Nicolas Maduro so that, nakedly, he will face the voters who measure his administration – his approval or rejection – as the President of the country (…) he has no chance to divide the vote, to create artificial candidates, to draw parties or other characters, scorpions Remember that arguing that this is a conflict between the ‘revolution and the oligarchy’ cannot polarize the sentiments and subjectivity of the poor to a lesser extent.He added.

Nicolas Maduro accused of crimes against humanity in Venezuela (EFE / Prensa Miraflores)
Nicolas Maduro accused of crimes against humanity in Venezuela (EFE / Prensa Miraflores)

The former Savista minister criticized those who resigned themselves as “living with the Maduro dictatorship”: “This response, above all, reflects on the sectors of the country that have resigned themselves to ‘co-exist’ with Maduro in a failed or conciliatory way. The search for a gap between the victims and the methods of political manipulation and social control established by Madurismo to extinguish the legacy of President Chavez is a huge setback for a bad government that is right, dictatorial and incompetent.

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“This government is not hidden in its essence, it is a bad government that is right, violent, inefficient and corrupt. It has nothing to offer the country or the people. As head of government Nicolas Maduro, the country has no future; There is no prestige or credibility. He can not win – not even cheat – the referendum. His bizarre tactics and all sorts of abuses – like Barinas – will be buried by the massive participation of the population, and all Venezuelans will be asked whether Maduro should be in power or not, ”he concluded.

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