June 7, 2023

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Find out why Google deletes accounts

What Happens to Gmail Accounts According to Google

Size, this It will come into force in December 2023 All inactive personal accounts will be completely deleted along with their associated content. however, Accounts must have had at least one login in the last 24 months to avoid deletion.

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It is significant This policy does not apply to educational or business accounts, Because it mainly aims to improve security. Google explained that inactive accounts pose a risk in terms of account theft, spam and phishing. Once an account is compromised, it can be used for fraudulent activities or to spread unwanted or malicious content.


Gmail will be suspended for inactive accounts.

This change in Google’s policies follows the trend of other sites like Twitter, which have taken similar steps to remove inactive accounts. Twitter recently announced that it is releasing long-defunct usernames.

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Paying attention is important Google Accounts aren’t just limited to email, But allow access to a wide range of services and personalized options in enterprise environments, such as searches, Chrome, app downloads on Google Play.

Google will notify users several months in advance before deleting an inactive account. with the intention of providing an opportunity to keep it active if desired. This measure seeks to maintain the safety of users and protect their data online.

What is an inactive account according to Google?

According to Google, an inactive account is one that hasn’t had any activity for a long period of time. For Gmail, an account is considered inactive if you haven’t logged in within 9 months.

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How do I prevent my Gmail account from being deleted?

To prevent your Gmail account from being deleted due to inactivity, you should sign in regularly. By accessing your account and performing certain activities, such as sending or receiving emails, you can keep your account active and prevent its deletion.

If my inactive account is deleted, what happens to the content associated with me?

If your inactive account is deleted, you will lose access to all email, attachments and other content associated with that account. Google recommends backing up your important content or transferring your inactive account to another account before it is deleted.

Why does Google delete inactive accounts?

Google removes inactive accounts as part of its efforts to maintain more efficient resource management and ensure user safety. Deleting inactive accounts frees up usernames and reduces security risks associated with abandoned accounts.

What is the difference between a personal account and a school or business account?

A personal Gmail account is for personal use and is typically used for personal business. On the other hand, an educational or business account is provided by an educational institution or an organization and is designed to be used for educational or professional purpose. School or business accounts often have additional features such as larger storage, collaboration tools, and company or organization management options.