December 6, 2022

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Everything behind Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine

All wars are based on deception. That’s why there was serious alarm among analysts about the surprise and disorderly withdrawal of troops from the besieged Kremlin at the start of the Ukrainian blitzkrieg. Doubts whether this was a Moscow maneuver or a clear military failure. If you have chances to recover in that case.

To corroborate this, there are several signs that something is indeed happening at the forefront A negative evolution for Russia In a conflict that appeared to be stalemated for weeks and the level of demoralization among the invading troops increased.

In that sense, if it is considered as a direct and inevitable result of the failure of the first hours of the war calculated by Russia, the result will be even more radical. Just days.

The initial plan was to capture Kiev and capture President Volodymyr Zelensky by paratroopers from a tactical group. were neutralized, some of them before the landslideIt is now known that earlier intelligence was collected and reported to the Ukrainian command by the US and the UK.

Since then, the military conflict has become a series of attempts to restore the initiative to Russia, and not only. He corrected his opening speech on the motivation for this war against the neighboring country. In addition, he changed the military objective, which focused on the Donbass valley in the pro-Russian east of the country. The area that has now become the conquered part of Ukraine.

To confirm the depth of what is happening and clarify doubts, it will be convenient to observe another scene, more dramatic. In the last hour the forces of Turkey’s satellite country Azerbaijan A A full line offensive against Armenia. There are many casualties.

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The episode comes after last year’s war for control of the Armenian region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which ended with half the territory in Azeri hands and a containment force sent by Moscow to prevent an escalation of the conflict. That entire South Caucasus region is Russia’s literal backyard.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a key ally of Vladimir Putin, is aware of his ambitions for the region, as well as the Aegean Sea and its islands of Greek sovereignty, which he dreams of claiming as his own, among other places. Renovate the domains of the Ottoman Empire He died in World War I.

A reactionary utopia like the one surrounding Putin’s imperial ambition defines all that is Slavic and beyond. Russia’s own rightThe underlying reason for the war he instituted against Ukraine.

A member of NATO, Erdogan maintains close ties with the Russian autocrat. Along the way, he held several face-to-face meetings with Putin, two of which were of particular importance, first in Tehran on July 19 and in the Russian resort of Sochi on August 6.

Ukrainian soldiers pose in one of the liberated areas from Russian control Reuters

A meeting was held in Iran The triangle that won the war in Syria Russian action has been essential since 2015 to consolidate the regime of Bashar al-Assad, a staunch ally of Iran.

Turkish ties emerged in that meeting They are not fluent Neither Russia nor its Persian patrons are scandalized by Ankara’s military moves in the South Caucasus, where its geopolitical and commercial situation is complicated because its routes to and from Armenia are blocked. Also, Iran rejects relations between Azerbaijan and Israel with a wide range of paranoia.

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There was a great atmosphere at the Sochi meeting, which was explained by the agreements that allowed the departure of the port and the world of Ukrainian food grains, which has already found a strong dynamic.

However, grains are not Erdogan’s central concern. Turkey’s intention, since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, has been to take advantage of the tensions the conflict has created for Russia. Invoice for their own benefit. Now a definite opportunity appears.

Aliyev dynastic rule in Azerbaijan only functions with a mandate from Ankara. So, if that country is now advancing against Armenia, it is for a reason Two assumptions from the perspective of Turkey on the horizon.

First, Russia will no longer have the ability to control the region because of a major crisis engulfing its bellicose adventurism in Ukraine. There are two Russian bases in Armenia with 3 thousand soldiers. But there is still no verifiable movement around this new conflict.

Second, effectively Russia is headed for defeat in Ukraine, which will unpredictably weaken the Kremlin and Putin, so it’s important to move now. Tell a real truth In that situation it begins to sort itself out in other ways.

A fact related to this view is that Azerbaijan has become a powerful oil and gas country. Europe’s lifeline Against the energy trap that Russia tried to suffocate that camp.

Azerbaijan’s gas exports to the mainland have increased by more than 31% this year. That’s 7,300 million cubic meters shipped in the first eight months of 2022. Filling European tanks with winter in mind.

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A relief movement that would certainly have strong objections to military advances against Armenia that usually creates affection and solidarity in Europe.