January 26, 2022

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Europe closes again due to progress of Omigron strain – News

Nearly a month after its discovery, the rapid spread of the Omigran variant led to the re-imposition of restrictions in several European countries this week, a strain that already has a social spread, but there are also child vaccination campaigns and reinforcements in Asian and Latin American countries. The year-round celebrations are accelerating around the world.

The situation is particularly critical in Europe, where the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) has noted that there is already a social outbreak of Ómicron on the continent and expects a “new and rapid increase in cases in the next two months”.

A few days before Christmas, the ECDC warned that the vaccine was “not enough” and called for the reintroduction of “strong” and “urgent” measures to counter the rapid progression of the mutation, such as return to teleworking and use. Capacity limit for masks and in public places.

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Italy Y Greece They progressed in that direction this week by requiring negative tests from all tourists, including those who have been vaccinated, and the action they have already adopted, regardless of their nationality Portugal And Ireland in early December.

These rules have raised concerns about affecting the use of the European Health Passport in the European Union (EU), which has allowed vaccinated persons from the camp since July to travel without trial or isolation, restricting the freedom of movement of many citizens only when visiting them. Beloved ones.

Brussels reminded member states that unilateral action must be “proportionate” and as short-lived as possible in the face of potential tensions between neighbors.

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France, Meanwhile, has banned non-essential travel from today United KingdomWith more than 93,000 daily cases, the increase in infections yesterday for the third day in a row set a new record.

In addition, the government announced that the Health Pass will be valid only with a complete immunization schedule from 2022, and not until then with a negative test.

And German territories have asked the federal government to suspend traffic from today United Kingdom. Earlier, the EU, the second worst-hit country in the world, decided to impose isolation on those who had not been vaccinated. France Y Denmark -It’s countries classified as “high risk” areas – more will be added tomorrow Norway, Lebanon Y Andorra.

In an attempt to block the fifth wave with Omigran, Netherlands Announced today a Severe imprisonment from tomorrow until January 14th, Meanwhile Poland The closure of nightclubs and restaurants, theaters, churches and sports facilities will reduce the number of immunizations by 30%, and remote classes will be ordered between December 20 and January 9.

At United Kingdom, One of the countries most affected by the new strain – the number of people infected with Ómicron has tripled and exceeded 10,000 since yesterday – the Mayor of London today declared a state of emergency due to a sharp rise in infections. On a scale, Parliament this week approved an extension of the restrictions, which would include long-distance work, the use of the health pass at mass events and the mandatory masking of closed public spaces other than pubs, restaurants and gyms.

As with other moments of epidemic, what is happening in Europe today, with the combination of the Omigron and Delta types, is likely to recur in other parts of the planet.

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According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), more than 926,000 new Kovit-19 infections have been reported on the U.S. continent in the past week, an increase of 18.4% in cases compared to previous weeks.

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In Ecuador, Filed the first case with the new strain this week, re-introducing several restrictions in view of the recurrence of epidemics, including a ban on celebrating year-end feasts in public places, as well as a reduction in capacity in churches. , Issuance of vaccination certificate at shopping centers and restaurants and various sites.

Something like that installed Peru, Businesses, banks, government offices and airports are required to have a vaccination certificate and all types of meetings for the holidays are prohibited by order.

In To us, With the daily number of infections exceeding 156,000 this Thursday, advised not to travel to the state network of disease control and prevention centers. Italy, Greenland Y Mauricio, When the neighbor went home Canada Asked to avoid unnecessary foreign trips during Christmas. But the alarm is already global.

The World Health Organization has warned that Omicron is spreading like never before, having already been reported in 89 countries but may still be in many countries.

Infections also increased in Africa last Wednesday South Africa – whose president has the corona virus- In the 24 hours since the discovery of the new variant, 26,976 new cases have been reported.

A similar situation exists only in Asia China Looks shielded. In South Korea, Meetings of five or more persons are banned from today and restaurants and bars are to be closed at 9pm, the strongest restrictions ever imposed in the country, which faces a deadly month of full epidemics.

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In the face of these explosions, the world is betting on continued vaccination to prevent the collapse of health systems.

In the EU, they are preparing to impose a compulsory vaccine Austria Y Germany It will be evaluated individually by member countries, while many countries have decided to continue the use of booster doses and have started vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 years.

Similar measures were used To us, The third dose was approved for those over 16 years of age who were vaccinated six months ago. Chile Y Brazil, Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the administration since the age of five.