June 2, 2023

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Endless march of Kovit dead at Moscow hospital and repeated lament: “I’m going to be vaccinated tomorrow”

Treatment of COVID patients at Schlifozovsky Hospital (AFP / Dimitar Dilkoff) in Moscow

For about 20 months, Dr. Evgueni Riabkov has seen March the victims of Kovit-19 disease who die in Moscow hospitalLike all Russia faced a new wave of epidemic. In his last moments, Many regret not being vaccinated.

They usually look for excuses and say they want to do it tomorrow”, Dr. AFP, who visited his COVID unit at the Sklyfosovsky Institute in the center of the Russian capital this Wednesday, told AFP.Unfortunately tomorrow is lateHe adds.

In recent weeks, the increase in infections and deaths from COVID in Russia has again been dramatic. Records about 1,000 deaths daily.

According to government figures, the country has so far had about 230,000 deaths from the corona virus. But this balance underestimates the true purpose of the epidemic. Russia’s statistics agency Rosstad recorded more than 400,000 deaths at the end of August.

Intensive Care Unit Patient (AFP)
Intensive Care Unit Patient (AFP)
Doctors in the intensive care unit carry the image of his face so that patients always cover their face with a mask.
Doctors in the intensive care unit take a picture of his face so that patients always cover their faces with a mask.

Faced with the fourth wave of boreal summer driven by delta variation, The officers acted slowly. On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin finally ordered a non-working week in early November to try to control the epidemic.

But public powers continue to refuse more restrictive measures, such as locking up, for fear of weakening the economy. On the streets of Moscow, the country’s main epidemic center, bars and restaurants are still open and the use of masks is less valued and less controlled.

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To mention The vaccine is progressing very slowly due to the traditional distrust of the Russians. Less than one-third of the population is vaccinated, according to the specialized cocoon portal.

“Most of the problem comes from unvaccinated patients”

The desire to cry

In the face of all this, Dr. Evgeny Rybkov did not hide his frustration. “When I drive, I see people without masks, old people and young people having fun. It’s annoying to me because I work for them. Unfortunately they do not understand,” said the 54-year-old doctor.At those times, I feel like crying”, Adds this man Kovid has lost five of his colleagues due to illness.

Evgeny Rybkov talks about her frustration with lack of care and low vaccination (AFP)
Evgeny Rybkov talks about her frustration with lack of care and low vaccination (AFP)

Sergei Petrikov of the Schliphozovsky Institute of Emergency Medicine in Moscow highlighted: “Most patients who come to the Govt unit are not vaccinated. The percentage of those who are vaccinated is very low. It is usually 1 to 2 percent. And most of the time, these patients get sick more easily than those who are vaccinated. Most problems come from unvaccinated patients. “

Alexander Shakotko, head of the hospital’s revitalization service, is adamant: Only the vaccine can defeat the disease. “Everyone has to do their part in social responsibility. We are not in kindergarten to hold everyone’s hand and vaccinate everyone. We have been vaccinating our children since childhood and it is mandatory. History has shown that deaths can occur if not vaccinated. We need to get vaccinated to fight this disease. “, He insisted.

“During the first waves we said ‘we must resist, we will restore a normal life.’ But we will not think about it anymore. Now, this is a normal life.”

One of her patients, Olga Ryzhko, a 51-year-old architect, admits that she has repeatedly postponed vaccination, although she has not objected to it. Now he is eternally grateful to his doctors. “I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t save me.”

Alexander Shakotko, head of the ICU area of ​​the hospital
Alexander Shakotko, head of the hospital’s ICU area
Breathing exercises as part of physical therapy for COVID patients (AFP)
Breathing exercises as part of physical therapy for COVID patients (AFP)

Others are not so lucky. On Monday, one of her roommates died.

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Another patient of the resuscitation service, Anatoly Poliakov, a retired police officer, has been there for two weeks. He says he expects the arrival of the “solid” vaccine with his wife, and also points to the role of the media and media leaders. “There was controversy in the media. We are waiting for something shiny that we can use for our vaccine. We are waiting, we are waiting, we are waiting. And here is the resultThe 76-year-old man is mourning. He promises “everyone” that if he leaves the hospital alive, you will be vaccinated soon.

Poliakov regrets not being vaccinated (AFP)
Poliakov regrets not being vaccinated (AFP)

The Doctors of this Govt. Section, do not get tired and wait for the end of the dream anymore, one way to find more strength to fight. “During the first two waves, we said to ourselves, ‘Let’s go, let’s resist for a while, and then we’ll get back to normal life,'” Alexander Shakotko recalled. “But we don’t think about it anymore. For now, it’s a normal life for us.

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