April 1, 2023

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Elizabeth II dies: Queen’s coffin travels to Edinburgh so people can say goodbye

With the National Anthem in the background, Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves the Palace of Holyroodhouse for St Giles Cathedral. In Edinburgh. Also, the church began to fill up with guests The Thanksgiving service lasts 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the security and intelligence services are gearing up to massively deploy police forces, especially there London, The public exhibition of the coffin will begin on Wednesday at Westminster Hall and last for four days until the solemn funeral on Monday 19th. Expected until now in the British capital. A million people Parade before the King’s body.

President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, He will attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. After an invitation from the British Govt. “The invitation to the event was sent to the Brazilian embassy in London on Saturday night. The President, consulted on Sunday morning, directed Itamarathy to respond positively to the invitation”, they indicated from the Ministry of External Affairs before the question Delum Agency.

A) Yes, A Brazilian delegation will leave for London next weekend to attend a ceremony at Westminster Abbey., confirmed yesterday from Buckingham Palace. Last week, Bolsonaro said he was deeply moved by the king’s death and the death of the decree Three days of official mourning In Brazil.

the king Charles III He was moved when he heard for the first time the modified verses of the hymn that had changed from “God Save the Queen” [por “Dios salve a la reina, en inglés] A “God Save the King” [por “Dios salve al rey”]. It was during a meeting with hundreds of legislators that the crate was filled Westminster Chamber, A recitation of a thousand years of history, Parliament mourned the King for an elaborate act and the King responded. This is also the first time Camilla, Queen Consort, He sang the changed passage for the first time since Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

This was confirmed by the Royal House St Giles Cathedral, EdinburghToday’s A Service of thanksgiving for the late Queen Elizabeth II. He also released a detailed schedule of what the operation would look like.

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The new king Charles III73, addressed this Monday For the first time to the British Parliament, at a ceremony in Westminster that united the two houses, said after her mother’s death that she “feels the weight of history”. “As I stand before you today, I cannot help but feel the weight of history that surrounds us and remind me of the important parliamentary traditions to which members of both Houses are so committed,” he told Commons representatives. House of Lords.

Prince Harry of Sussex, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, praised the monarch on Monday as a “guiding compass” and highlighted her “unwavering grace and dignity”. On a day when citizens bid farewell to the Queen at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Via a personal statement posted on the Archwell site by Harry D and his wife Meggan, I treasure the moments the prince shared with his late grandmother, “From my earliest childhood memories, to meeting you for the first time as my commander-in-chief, to the first moment you met my beloved wife and hugged you. Dear great-grandchildren.” ”.

Amid serious tensions within the House of Windsor, Harry left his role as a working member of the royal family and moved to America two years ago. There was a possible hint of reconciliation on Saturday when the prince and his wife accompanied their brother Prince William and his wife Kate to greet mourners outside Windsor Castle.

48 hours before Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral from London, The British government issued curious security guidelines that those wishing to pay their respects to the late head of state had to meet.. A covered casket procession will begin at 5:00pm at the Palace of Westminster.

As far as he could tell Associated PressVisitors They must go through airport-style security and can only bring one small bag with them. Individuals with oversized luggage should store it in a special facility, but only if space is available.

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Along these lines, officials advise carrying essential items for long waits and allowing them to protect themselves from any weather events that may occur. They recommend: An umbrella or sunscreen, a cell phone power bank and necessary medicines.

Four young men carry the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on Sunday, September 11, 2022. (Alkis Konstantinidis/Photo shared via AP)

During the ceremony, No food or liquids are allowed past the security check in Parliament. Flowers or other tributes such as candles, toys or photographs. They beg Be completely calm, dress properly and switch off your mobile phones.

Other things that can’t be done include: “Taking pictures, photography, setting up tents, lighting barbecues and campfires, fireworks, flares, whistles, laser devices and other materials (banners, signs or flags) that can be used to create a disturbance.”

The British will be able to for the first time this Monday Gather in front of Elizabeth II’s coffin at St Giles Cathedral EdinburghA new phase in the nation’s mourning for the loss of its queen for 70 years.

The funeral home will open its doors at 4:00pm GMT after a religious service attended by the new King Carlos III and his wife Camilla.

The Union Flag showing an image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II flies in the breeze next to Windsor Castle in west London (Photo by Adrian Dennis/AFP)
The Union Flag showing an image of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II flies in the breeze next to Windsor Castle in west London (Photo by Adrian Dennis/AFP)Adrian Dennis – AFP

Queen Elizabeth died on Thursday at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, shocking the UK, the Commonwealth (Commonwealth) and the world.

Since then, the United Kingdom has gradually been preparing to bid farewell to its mentor and icon since 1952, with a state funeral at London’s Westminster Abbey on September 19.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla will travel to Parliament to receive condolences from the House of Commons and the House of Lords.- The royal couple will then travel to Edinburgh, where they will attend a service in the Queen’s honour. He will visit the Scottish Parliament and meet senior officials.

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Later, the Queen’s coffin, accompanied by the King and Queen Consort, will be taken to San Gil Cathedral. EdinburghWhere does it stay? 24 hours why The public can offer their condolences. That night the members of the royal family will celebrate.

Britain's King Charles III waves to waiting members of the public as he arrives by car at Buckingham Palace on September 11, 2022 in London.  (Photo by Alain Jogaard/AFP)
Britain’s King Charles III waves to waiting members of the public as he arrives by car at Buckingham Palace on September 11, 2022 in London. (Photo by Alain Jogaard/AFP)Alain Jogaard – AFP

A delegation of seven vehicles arrived at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh yesterday for a 281 kilometer green route through Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, Angus and Tayside. The remains were received at the palace by the grandsons of the late Queen Ana, Andrés and Eduardo, while the new King Carlos III stayed in London.

As announced, the monarch’s coffin will be moved from Westminster Hall to nearby Westminster Abbey for a state funeral starting at 11am next Monday before burial in Windsor. The funeral marks the end of 10 days of national mourning, and the day will be a public holiday across Britain.

Jair Bolsonaro (AP Photo/Eraldo Perez).
Jair Bolsonaro (AP Photo/Eraldo Perez).Eralto Perez – AB

The Brazilian president will travel to the British capital next weekend to bid farewell to the monarch at a ceremony on Monday the 19th.

The UK government formalized the invitation to Bolsonaro in a communication sent this Saturday to the Brazilian embassy in London, Foreign Minister Carlos Alberto Branca told the news website. G1From the Globe Group.

Prime Minister of New ZealandJacinda Ardern, He paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II for her “unrecognized duty”. Further, Celebrated the proclamation of King Carlos III and his relationship with his country.

“King Charles has always loved New Zealand and continues to show his deep concern for our nation,” said the prime minister, who referred to his country as Aotearoa in Māori. “This relationship is deeply valued by our people. I have no doubt that it will deepen,” he added.

President Joe Biden at an event.  (AP Photo/Evan Woosey)
President Joe Biden at an event. (AP Photo/Evan Woosey)

The White House has confirmed that US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, September 19.

Biden first met King in 1982 when he was a senator. They met again last year during the G7 summit in Cornwall, England.

The sovereign with his beloved dorgis (dachshund and corgi cross) (Photo: EFE-HOLA)
The sovereign with his beloved dorgis (dachshund and corgi cross) (Photo: EFE-HOLA)

The Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, will stay with Queen Elizabeth II’s two corgi dogs, a spokesman for the monarch’s son said. The two will be in the care of Prince Andrew’s pets Muek and Sandy, which he gave to his mother.