June 7, 2023

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Elections in the United States: Ron DeSantis launches his presidential bid and begins an expected fight with Donald Trump

WASHINGTON.- Khan UN Due to technical issues with Florida’s governor’s Twitter account, the technical documents involved, Ron DeSantis, He launched his presidential campaign in 2024 and began a widely anticipated fight Donald Trump As the leader and candidate of the Republican Party in the race for the White House. DeSantis, 44, is listed as Last hope Installation To remove Trump from office, Despite the taint of his presidency and his lengthy legal cases from the attack on Congress on January 6, 2021, he is still comfortably leading the polls.

Everything was set up for the original ad: DeSantis agreed to launch his campaign in the Twitter space Elon MuskPlatform Owner, Host. But the launch was a disaster: For more than 20 minutes, Musk and his team and Twitter servers went down repeatedly, and multiple attempts to start the chat failed. Long silences, disconnected starts, Twitter app crashes on cell phones. “Keep falling, right?”, asked at one point. Finally, Twitter fixed the issues and DeSantis delivered his message. “Okay, looks like we’re streaming,” Musk said before turning the floor over to DeSantis.

“I am running for President of the United States to lead our great American comeback,” DeSantis finally declared. About 110,000 people listened. DeSantis hastily finished his speech. “Thank you for working through the technical issues,” Musk said as the governor concluded.

By then, Twitter is abuzz with memes, jokes, chicanas. “DeSastre,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. “This link works,” Biden’s team responded with a quick response, with a link from the president’s personal account to his website for making donations. It was a technical failure Innovation topicCovers the entire event.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on November 8, 2022 at the Tampa, Florida Convention Center. Giorgio Vieira – AFP

Even before that article, America’s political pulse indicated that DeSantis was facing a formidable challenge for the Republican presidential nomination.

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Although the ultra-conservative governor won re-election in Florida last year, his bid to position himself as an alternative to Trump has succeeded in a midterm election that ended in a landslide for Republicans. In establishing him Second place in the race for nomination. Trump leads the polls with more than 50% support, compared to 20% for DeSantis. Based on an average of RealClearPolitics polls. And the gap has widened in recent weeks. “Because Ron DeSantis is teetering on the starting line,” he captioned a few days ago The New York Times.

Before Florida, A state of its entrenchment under his command Conservative identity A bastion of Republicans, DeSantis has created a profile that charms the American right, establishing him in high politics as a young, fresh and militant figure, a staunch defender of many of the ideas and values ​​Trump preaches, but who can drink more than that. A president for moderate voters and therefore capable of defeating President Joe Biden and reclaiming the White House.

magazine New Yorker As described in a profile “With Trump Brains” Smarter, more hardworking, more sophisticated and better prepared than the Chancellor. But his support in the polls has weakened, as has enthusiasm for his candidacy within the Republican Party. Many are discounting that Trump will easily win domestically. To reach the White House, DeSantis must defeat two major figures in American politics: Trump and Biden. His campaign will target both.

Trained at Yale and Harvard, where he studied law, DeSantis served as a lawyer at Guantanamo and Iraq before entering politics. The paradoxes of life, DeSantis received a decisive push from Trump that catapulted his political career and paved the way for his 2018 run for governor of Florida.

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“Congressman DeSantis is a great young leader, a graduate of Yale and then Harvard Law, who will be a great governor of Florida. He loves our country and is a true fighter!” Trump tweeted in late 2017.

DeSantis won the Florida governorship by just 30,000 votes against Andrew Gilliam, a rising star of the Democratic Party who has since faded in fraud, drug and sex scandals. Trump always said he was grateful to DeSantis for his support.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with Donald Trump.Ivan Vucci – A.B

The epidemic made DeSantis a national figure. Florida was, in his own words, a haven for freedom and a sanctuary free from the restrictions imposed by other governors.

“We defended freedom end to end, and as a result, Florida defeated ‘fascism.’At last year’s conservative CPAC conference, DeSantis’ reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a figure in the pandemic linked to measures to contain the virus, was seen by many as an affront to individual liberties.

last year, DeSantis won the by-election: He won his re-election with 59.4%, practically all Florida counties dyed red. His victory contrasted with renewed frustration for the Republican Party, which despite recapturing the House of Representatives, failed to capture the Senate.

That win immediately put him in the running for the White House, at least for a few months, according to donors and Republican figures “Trumpismo Sin Trump”. However, support for Trump has rarely wavered, and his base has managed to expand amid his scandals in the judiciary. Given that determination, DeSantis has begun to struggle to win support, not just among voters but among donors and party figures who have yet to show that he can compete with Trump on equal footing.

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Nothing has been said yet, and the much-anticipated showdown between the Republican leadership and the White House has only just begun.

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