March 28, 2023

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Bolsonaro is launching a battery of commitments to convince undecideds

By John Martin Kallel. President Jair Bolsonaro launched Saturday afternoon with 22 pledges to counter the vagueness of his election plan. Its purpose is to convince some of the undecideds in the presidential election. “Rather than empty and abstract promises, Brazil needs a solid path based on concrete actions and above all principles,” he said.

Among the proposals are some taken from the Labor Party plan: raising the minimum wage to 1,400 reais (today it is 1,212), updating it above inflation every year until 2026, and providing an extra 200 reais as part of the Aid Brazil program to the most needy.

Other programs are related to combating insecurity. Bolsonaro proposes reducing the “criminal majority” for crimes such as rape or murder, increasing funding for security forces and expanding legal protections for police officers in the line of duty. Through these measures, the candidate affirms that he is trying to reduce homicides by 20%.

Bolsonaro has also made it clear that he will not seek to increase the number of ministers on the federal Supreme Court, which the right has envisioned as strengthening the weight of conservatives in the country’s highest judicial institution. At the same time, the president says he is proposing “ministers dedicated to protecting life from conception” who are anti-abortion.

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