May 30, 2023

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Election in Nicaragua, minute by minute | Shortcuts between Daniel Ortega and the opposition

Two hours after the vote, the government and the opposition make the first assessment of the different election days. The opposition says some are going to vote, while the government says there is an “unbelievable, massive vote.”

Daniel Ortega, who wants to win the presidential election in Nicaragua, attended the presidential election this Sunday at Central University in the capital Managua. This is the fourth time in a row that you have searched. Referring to the massive protests that were severely suppressed by his government in 2018, the president accused the opposition of sowing terrorism in the country. “After all these years of peace, we cannot forget those who sowed the seeds of terrorism,” he said.

“We have all been able to live it up, put an end to terrorism and restore peace. And we are making progress by ensuring the well-being and prosperity of Nicaraguan families,” he continued. “Mankind does not want wars, it does not want blood, it wants peace, progress, well-being,” he added.

These elections have taken place The question was raised by the opposition and a section of the international community. The Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union have questioned the imprisonment of several presidential candidates. In addition, social organizations and protesters They have called not to vote in this Sunday’s election.


People waited in long queues to vote for at least an hour before the constituencies opened. Presidential election begins in Nicaragua

Polling stations opened at 7 a.m. (local time), leaving four and a half million Nicaraguans eligible to vote.

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At the start of the poll, local television showed people waiting in line to enter.

Gustavo Boras, leader of the Santinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and chairman of the National Assembly of the Nicaraguan Parliament, described it as “an incredible, huge turnout.”

Boras, like other candidates for the ruling party’s legislature, They spoke of the “peace” and “peace” with which elections are held. “The people of Nicaragua are saying that this referendum is to protect sovereignty and the right to self-determination without foreign interference. We create our own way“, He said.

But the opposition’s view of the state is different. The Blue and White National Unit (UNAB), which unites social and political organizations in Nicaragua, released images from various parts of the country showing empty streets. The media critical of the government also showed pictures of small civilians in some rounds.

Nicaraguan Christian Way Party presidential candidate Guillermo Osorno voted early this Sunday and warned that his lawyers would not be allowed to enter polling stations. “We warn election officials to keep order and the results must be efficient,” Osorno said.

Meanwhile, Nicaragua’s presidential candidate for the Coalition for the Republic, Gerson Gutiérrez, said those calling for him to stay home without voting are “doing harm” to the country.

Voter list

On Sunday, election day, 4,478,334 citizens have been approved to elect the president for 2022-2027, including 90 members of the National Assembly and 20 members of the Central American Parliament.

The voter list of eligible individuals is made up of citizens over the age of 16 who have participated in at least one of the last three elections. According to the Superior Electoral Council, there are 3,106 polling stations across the country, where 13,459 ballot boxes will be installed, each with an average of 332.7 voters.

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Six candidates

There are six presidential candidates: Daniel Ortega By the Santinista National Liberation Front; Walter Espinosa By the Constitutionalist Liberal Party; Mauricio Oru Vasquez By the Independent Liberal Party; Marcelo de Jesus Montiel Fernandez By the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance; Gerson Gutierrez Gasparin Alliance for the Republic and Guillermo Osorno In the Christian way of Nicaragua.

Three parties and seven presidential candidates have been jailed for failing to run in the election: the former president’s daughter, Cristiano Zamoro, and his most popular rival, as well as Felix Maradiga, Arturo Myrna, Miguel Mora, Noel Vitare and Juan Sebastian Zamoro, between June and July this year. All were imprisoned.

The “Law for the Protection of People’s Rights to Freedom, Sovereignty and the Right to Peace” was adopted in December 2020 and applied to all of them.

Struggle abroad

San Jose de Costa Rica, El Salvador, Madrid and Washington were the scene of some mobilizations this Sunday calling on Nicaraguan immigrants and Daniel Ortega to express their opposition to the elections demanding a new mandate. Disqualification The main opposition coalition and Prevention Of the seven presidential candidates.

Meanwhile, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncata on Sunday noted the possibility of the international community not recognizing the outcome of elections promoted by the United States, the European Union and the United Nations. .

“We are not going to be intimidated by their threats, their unilateral actions, their sanctions, the threat of boycotting elections,” Moncata said after his vote.