May 30, 2023

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Election in Brazil: Climate change in Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro’s campaigns as polls close

Rio de Janeiro – Headquarters Luis Inacio Lula da Silva And Jair Bolsonaro They are an experience “Climate change” in final week leading to vote in Brazil next Sunday. The Hope for a turnaround It has infiltrated the Bolsonaro campaign over the past few days Does not last in final extension. Instead, there was tension among supporters Labor Party (PT) gave way excitementEspecially after the episode Former Congressman and ally of President Robert JeffersonHe fired 21 rifle shots and two grenades at federal police agents who came to arrest him.

Lula’s campaign recognized the episode’s potential and began exploring it Social websitesCon videos included. The focus is on sticking Jefferson’s image on Bolsonaro Show that the ex-vice chancellor is lying when he says he has nothing to do with it. Till Monday, it was decided not to take the issue to the central government Television advertisingwhat Focus on the economy to try to topple Bolsonaro.

Members of the President’s Bunker Episode One “Cold Water Bucket”related to Other problems the campaign is already facingThe issue of revision of minimum wages and the Bolsonaro’s controversy over Venezuelan boys, for which he had to apologize. Internal surveys contracted by the Liberal Party (PL), Bolsonaro’s group, show that the president has shown growth in recent weeks, they assert. It stalled.

Former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and PT’s candidate for governor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, at an event in a theater in São Paulo. (Miguel Sincariol/AFP)Miguel Skincariol – AFP

Polls released Monday also boosted the president’s campaign, particularly him Atlas CorporationBolsonaro’s allies often describe “Very reliable”. The survey showed Lula with 53% correct voting intention Already Bolsonaro 47%. Ipec, a constant target of Bolsonaro’s artillery, pointed out The PT leader will have 54% of the valid votes and the president will have 46%.

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while, A census eBay Released this Tuesday, Lula has 50% of voters and Bolsonaro 44%, both with a 1 percentage point increase compared to the previous survey. Blank and invalid votes totaled 4%, while the percentage of undecided votes stood at 2%, up from 6% in the previous poll released last week. Of the valid votes, the former president had 53% and Bolsonaro, 47%, the same levels as in the previous survey.

President Jair Bolsonaro with supporters in Nova Jerusalem.  (AP Photo/Eraldo Perez)
President Jair Bolsonaro with supporters in Nova Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Eraldo Perez)Eralto Perez – AB

Last night, Bolsonaro called the campaign High Election Court (TSE) accusing radio stations, especially in the northeastern region, of not airing Bolsonaro’s radio ad. This action was seen in Lula’s campaign An attempt to distract from the Jefferson episode.

Alexandre de Moraes, head of the TSE, said Bolsonaro’s lawyers presented no evidence and gave him 24 hours to explain it under penalty of committing an electoral crime.

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