June 1, 2023

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El conflicto Rusia – Ukraina, minuto a minuto | Moscow warned Washington and its allies about a possible nuclear confrontation

The EU announces 1.700 million dollars of additional aid for Ukraine

The United States announced on Tuesday that it will send 1,700 million dollars in economic aid to Ukraine so that it can recover from the damages caused by the Russian invasion.

“This assistance will help the democratic government of Ukraine to supply essential services to the people” of this European country, highlighted the US Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, in a note. The funds are part of a 7.5 billion dollar aid package signed by President Joe Biden in May.

Lego abandona definitively el mercado ruso

The Danish group of Lego toys, which in March last announced the suspension of shipments of its products to Russia, informed today the distributor of its brand in Russia, Inventive Retail Group, the complaint of the contract with this company to definitively cease its sales. in this country.

Liudmila Simúshina, portavoz de Inventive Retail Group, confirmed to Efe the notification by Lego of the termination of the contract, which affects 81 stores.

Lego announced on March 4 that it was suspending the shipment of products to Russia “due to the great disruption of the operating environment”.

Inventive Retail Group works with international brands like Apple, Samsung, Nike and others.

Apple and Samsung suspended the sale of their products in Russia and Nike announced at the end of June their definitive exit from the Russian market due to the military campaign in Ukraine.

Lukashenko accuses the West of bringing the world to a great war

The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, accused the West this Tuesday of bringing the world closer to a great war in which there will be no winners, when he intervened in a ceremony for the graduation of graduates of the country’s military academies.

“Los acontecimientos que hoy tienen lugar son pasos resueltos hacia un mundo multipolar, para poner coto a la hegemony estadounisani, en cuyos intereses se increaseran groupaciones tropas y se apoya una ideología neonazi y regímenes frankly fascistas junto a países incómodos”, dijo en mandatorio citado por la agencia oficial Belta.

Lukashenko did not mention the “Russian military operation” in Ukraine, but the allusion to the events in the neighboring country could not be more transparent.

“Lamentablymente, esta política de Occidente acerca el mundo al precipicio de una gran guerra, en la que, como ustedes entienden, no habrá vencedores”, subrayó ante los militares.

Russia’s Baltic Fleet conducts maneuvers in the region of Kaliningrad

Unos 500 naval infantry of the Russian fleet of the Baltic sea efectúan shooting exercises in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad in the middle of the tensions with Lithuania for the partial blockade of the transit of goods for the community sanctions against Russia for its war campaign in Ukraine.

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According to a statement from the Baltic Fleet collected by the Interfax agency, up to 30 units of military equipment are also participating in the combat training.

Los ejercicios se centran en practicar habilidades para efectura combates modernos de armas combinadas.

Los objetivos que imitan vehicules armored y efectivos son alcanzados por vehicules armored, machine guns, light machine guns and grenade launchers, según el comunicado.

Rusia cifra en 2.741 el número de mercenarios en Ukraina

El Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia cifró hoy en 2,741 el número de mercenarios en Ukraina, a los que avirtió que, de ser capturados, les espera la pena maximum de prisión.

El portavoz castrense, lieutenant general Ígor Konashénkov, affirmed in his parte bélico diario that Russia monitors and registers by name all the mercenaries who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the hostilities.

Según dijo, during the last three weeks, “as a result of the offensive actions of the Russian Armed Forces and units of the popular militia of the popular republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, the number of mercenaries in Ukraine has decreased from 3,221 to 2,741”.

Aseguró que, en ese periodo ya pesar de la llegada de otros 151 mercenarios, 391 militants fueron aniquilados y otros 240 abandonaron territorio ucraniano.

Rusia says that they destroyed almacenes de armas in Mykolaiv and Harpoon systems in Odesa

Russia claimed today to have destroyed four Ukrainian warehouses with weapons in the region of Mykolaiv, in the south of Ukraine and systems of anti-ship missiles Harpoon in Odesa.

The Russian Ministry of Defensa indicated in its military part that in addition to the weapons depots located in the locality of Makeevka, an armored repair center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Siversk, in the region of Donetsk, was hit.

Near Artiomovsk, also in the east of the country, Russian attacks with “alta precision weapons” destroyed a concentration point of Ukrainian troops, causing 180 casualties.

Meanwhile, in the region of Odesa, in the south of the country, the Russian Iskander missiles hit an emplazamiento de sistemas Harpoon de fabricación estadounidense, según Defensa rusa.

Also, the anti-aircraft defense of the Russian Army shot down seven Ukrainian drones in one day, most of them in the region of Donetsk.

The EU approves a loan of 1,000 million for short-term aid to Ukraine

Los países de la Unión Europea (UE) gave the green light this Tuesday to grant a loan of 1,000 million euros to Ukraine to cover its short-term financial needs, which amount to 37,300 million only for this year.

The loan, approved at the meeting of the Ministers of Economy and Community Finance, will constitute the first tranche of the package of up to 9,000 million euros in macro-financial assistance that the Twenty-four are expected to approve once the European Commission presents a proposal to capture this money in the mercado.

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“Continuar con nuestra ayuda material y financiera no es una option, sino nuestro deber. Estoy muy contento de que hayamos acelerado la decisión de proporciar 1.000 million de euros en ayuda macrofinanciera. Esto dará a Ukraina los fundos necesarios para cover sus necessidades urgentes y insura las operaciones de su infrastructure crítica”, said in a statement the Minister of Finance of Croatia, Zbyněk Stanjura, whose country presides this semester of the Council.

Russia, Turkey and Ukraine will approach the exportation of Ukrainian grain

Military experts from Russia and Turkey, as well as representatives of Ukraine and envoys from the UN, éstos últimos como observadores, mantendrán tomorrow Wednesday in Istanbul consultas sobre la exporta del grano ucraní, dijo hoy a la agency Interfax un alto cargo del Ministerio de Exteriores ruso .

The director of the Department of International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Piotr Ilichov, said that this type of consultation at the level of experts between Moscow and Ankara is held regularly and that the next round will be this Wednesday.

“Sobre todos estos temas, se mantiente un dialogo entre los militares rusos y turcos. The next round of such consultations of experts is scheduled for el 13 de julio in Istanbul. It is hoped that they will unite the Ukrainian representatives, as well as members of the UNO. como observadores”, pointed out.

Ilichov affirmed that Russia has declared on various occasions “at all levels” that it is ready to “assist at the hour of guaranteeing the navigation of foreign commercial ships in the exportation of Ukrainian grain”.

Biden ultima la ratificación de entrada de Finlandia y Suecia en la OTAN

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, transmitted this Monday to the Senate the protocol of adhesion of Finland and Sweden to NATO for the chamber to sign, thereby giving a decisive step in the ratification of the United States of access to both countries.

“They will be net contributors to the alliance, tanto en capacidades como en resources, y comparten con Estados Unidos values ​​of critical importance. The adhesion will help to promote the priorities of the Estados Unidos dentro de la NATO”, said the mandate in his letter to the Senate.

The leaders of the OTAN agreed at their summit of the finals of June in Madrid to start the admission process of Sweden and Finland. Los dos países, que countan provisionalmente con el estatus de observadores, se convertirán en miembros de pleno derecho when los 30 integrantes de la alliance ratificen los protocolos de acceso.

The process of ratification varies according to each country: in the case of the United States, the approval of two thirds of the Senate is required.

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EEUU y sus aliados están al borde de un conflicto con Rusia, advierte Moscú

The United States and its allies are on the verge of an open military confrontation with Russia, which would be “a direct armed conflict between nuclear powers”, warned today the spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, María Zajárova.

“To provoke the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis and unleash a ferocious hybrid confrontation with Russia, Washington and its allies are balancing dangerously on the edge of an open military confrontation with our country, that is, of a direct armed conflict between nuclear powers,” Zajárova said. .

In a comment published on the website of the Ministerio de Exteriores de Rusia, the spokeswoman said that “evidently the conflict is supposed to be the risk of a nuclear escalation”.

“Sin embargo, el oficialismo japones prefere no percatarse de semejante política desestabilizadora de su sovereigno estudiantes,” added Zajárova, whose text is a response to the declarations of the Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida, about the real danger that Russia uses weapons. nucleares en Ukraine.

Bombardeo ukraniano killed seven people in the province occupied by Russia

Seven people died and 60 were injured by a Ukrainian bombardment against the city of Kherson, a province in southern Ukraine occupied by the Russian army, the occupation authorities informed today.

“Hay siete muertos y unos 60 inridos” por el bombardeo en la ciudad de Nova Kajovka, said the head of the civil-military administration installed by Russia in the province, Vladimir Leontiev.

Una vicedirigente de la administration de occupation, Ekaterina Gubareva, dijo que las fuerzas ukranianas comtieron el ataque con el lanzamisiles multiple estadounidense Himars.

On the other hand, Ukraine claimed that it attacked military targets in Nova Kajovka, with a balance of 52 Russian soldiers dead and a munitions depot destroyed.

Erdogan offers support to Zelenski for the start of negotiations with Russia

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, offered during a telephone conversation last night with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, “brindar all the necessary support for the beginning of the negotiation process between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, including assistance and mediation in the process of Istanbul”.

The Ukrainian information agency, Ukrinform, pointed out that the Turkish leader emphasized during the conversation that the main desire of Turkey is the arrival of peace in Ukraine.

Erdogan also affirmed that he is working on the plan prepared by the United Nations regarding the supply of Ukrainian grain to the world market.

The Turkish president opinó que la solución entre Ukraina y Rusia “será en todo caso través de la diplomacy, por lo que la mesa de negociaciones depréa estar abierta”.