December 6, 2022

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Eight months after her accident, Veronica Lozano spoke about the ski resort’s legal situation

Veronica Lozano

Eight months have passed The pictures are even cooler. While on vacation at a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado, Veronica Lozano She fell from a chair seven meters high and hit the snow. After the fainting, as the days went by, good news began to come, the first care in America and rehabilitation in Buenos Aires, which was documented in his Telefe program.

One of the most emotional moments It happened during Martin Fierro’s ceremonyIn which he received the award for best journalism Cut by Lozano. That night at the Hilton, he took the stage, showered in applause with the help of his crew, and accepted the award. Catalina Delugi.

This Saturday, the two protagonists reconnected at a press event at La One’s Teas and recalled that shocking moment. The driver assured her that she didn’t have the true dimension of what happened until she saw the pictures. Dependent on her goofy sense of humor and the support of her husband, Jorge Corcho Rodriguez, their families and loved ones. Eight months after the accident, he expressed his deep feelings.

Journalist Pompidou shared a video of Veronica Lozano’s accident when she fell from her chair.

“I think in times when one lives in madness, what happened is shit. But it feels like it’s over, I’m not shocked”, assured the driver. And he revealed that he has no plans to leave the tracks: “I’ll go skiing again when my legs are better.”

“I am well advised that we are not comfortable making a legal claim, because we have little chance of succeeding in an experiment,” admitted Lozano. “They took care of the cost of the surgery and I don’t want to go through all that again.”Add the driver and specify the judicial hours: “Two years from now the experiment was conducted, and I wanted to release that energy”the mountain

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With her usual relaxed style, Veronica reviewed the most difficult days after the surgery and revealed that she already knew about the assessment sheets after the surgery. As soon as she got the chance, she wanted to go back to where she was happiest. “People go to work in wheelchairs,” he drawled in a lively speech Catch Catalina.

Veronica Lozano’s emotion when she wins Martin Fierro for Best Journalism (Telephoto)

After falling seven meters, Lozano He suffered fractures in both ankles. She underwent surgery a few days later in Colorado. Back in Buenos Aires, rehabilitation began, first with orthopedic shoes, then with bandages and finally After the stitches were removed he was able to wear sneakers againAlthough not always with supporting power. “Patience, joy, gratitude, love”, were the four words he used to describe his feelings when he finally saw how his legs were healing. After a few days he returned to work and little by little he regained his daily life.

Received from Vero on May 15 Catalina Second from his set was Martin Fierro and delivered one of Gala’s most emotional speeches. “I’m so happy,” she said through tears. “They were my heaven,” he thanked his companions, breathing hard with emotion. And he mentioned the accident that claimed his life. “I saw the sky when I fell. I said, ‘There is life’noted with gratitude.

“Work is above all dignified in a complicated situation”, he moved on before listing his current and past colleagues who were part of the award. “Every day of our lives is a beautiful show. Thank you APTRA and thank you all for watching us from home every day”, she raised her hand and closed it with a gift and the joy of being alive.

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