February 4, 2023

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Edna Volcano: Unprecedented discovery of human remains in a cave | It is suspected that the person may have voluntarily entered the cave

The remains of a man who died at least three decades ago have been found in a volcanic cave Edna Volcano, In the Italian island of Sicily, during routine training by financial security agents.

One of the dogs in the alpine relief unit found the remains Similar to a person in his 50s who died in the late 70s and late 90s, According to research by the Scientific Division of the Provincial Command of Carabineros, Catania.

The first hypotheses indicate that man voluntarily entered the place, which is difficult to access Died of non-violent causes. EHe lamented that he could not get out of the cave in the Jaffna area by himself.

The 1.70-meter-tall man had congenital defects in his nose and mouth He wore his outfit including a cape, wool hat and boots, saying events took place in the fall or winter., As well as some coins and other objects.

“For purposes of recognition, it is useful to note that the man wore an omega watch with a cloth strap and a comb with a box on his wrist,” Cardia de Finance said on its website.

The search and rescue dog began to bark as it crossed the deep, narrow abyss, inside it Human remains, That They were transferred to the Canizzaro Hospital morgue. They are analyzed to try to identify it.

Police, who are investigating the disappearances in the area, have provided a phone number to individuals who can provide details for the investigation.

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