June 7, 2023

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Download these 4 free games on Steam for a very limited time

If you have a Steam account, you’ll have access to no less than 4 free games this weekend, one of which is always available.

We are entering one of the most awaited moments by all users Steam, the weekend Valve platform usually includes completely free games so PC players can try them out. However, this week is different from the rest because the digital store is currently offering a free game that’s forever yours, so you can claim it right away. But, of course, it cannot be enjoyed alone This weekend without paying a dimeThere are a total of 4 free Steam games that you can download right now.

Among them we include a free game that you can play Always claim by June 8. The other 3 free games in question don’t meet that criteria, so You can’t always add them to your library Steam games. Hence, they are available free of charge. Until next Monday, May 29 And, in addition, with a juicy discount, if the proposal convinces you, you can buy them in full. These are the 4 games available for free on Steam.

Imitation (always free)

A vibrant, award-winning hue Platform puzzle game Modify the world by changing the color of its background. On a journey to find your missing mother, you explore a dangerous gray land and find colorful pieces. As the obstacles match the background, they disappear, creating fascinating new puzzles, filled with danger, mystery and… never-before-seen colors.

Download Shadow for free on Steam

Project Winter

Perfect game to betray your friends. “Project Winter” is an 8-player multiplayer game that focuses on social deception and survival. Survivor’s Ultimate Goal: Communication and teamwork are essential to escape.

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Descarga Program Winter Free and Steam

Solasta: The Magister’s Crown

Determine initiative, use attacks of opportunity, manage player placement and battlefield verticality. A turn-based tactical RPG based on SRD 5.1 rules. In Solasta, you call the shots and the dice decide your fate.

Download Solasta: Magister’s Crown for free on Steam


Squad is a tactical FPS that offers authentic combat experiences Teamwork, constant communication and realistic gameplay. The game combines elements of arcade shooters and military simulations, with up to 100-player battles, combined arms combat, base building, and an integrated VoIP system.

Download Squad for free on Steam