February 4, 2023

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Donald Trump’s response to the speech of Joe Biden, who blamed him for the attack on Capitol

Former President Trump during a campaign rally in 2020 (REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton / file)

Donald Trump Replied on Thursday Joe Biden, He blamed “Political drama” After the US President Was attacked in an enthusiastic speech marking the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol.

Although Biden did not mention Trump’s name, he made it clear who he was talking about in the fiery portrait of a man. He tried to avoid defeat in the 2020 election by fraud.

President “I used my name today to try to further divide the United States.”Trump said in a statement. “This political arena is meant to divert attention from the fact that Biden has completely and utterly failed.”He added.

Trump's statement
Trump’s statement

In his speech, Biden criticized Trump for spreading a “web of lies” The 2020 vote count was fraudulent He attacked a crowd of Republican supporters who attacked Capitol in an attempt to cling to power, and in an attempt to avoid election results certification.

Trump canceled a press conference scheduled for the anniversary earlier this week, Repeated his statement Rejected by all sources- The election was called “fraud”

“Look at the numbers, they speak for themselves”Said the former president.

The former Republican leader continued Criticized his successor policies, Whom he blamed “Destruction” United States

“It simply came to our notice then Boundaries, Completely and utterly lost control Govt (Registration numbers!), And energy is not independent Swelling Is widespread, ours Army Is confused, and we depart or surrender Afghanistan This is going to be the most embarrassing day in America’s long and glorious history, and more, “Trump said.

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Trump also slammed the congressional committee that is investigating Attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2020 By his supporters.

“They escaped from it, which leads to the destruction of our country.”Said the former president. “They are not fair, which is why the complicit media calls it the big lie. In fact the big lie was the choice.”

Fraudulent voting and counting of votes are Trump’s claims Repeatedly rejected by questionable states, judiciary and US courts.

Pitton’s words

President Biden during his speech on the first anniversary of the attack on the Capitol (Greg Nash / Reuters)
President Biden during his speech on the first anniversary of the attack on the Capitol (Greg Nash / Reuters)

Shortly before, the President Joe Biden has strongly condemned the “big lie” spread by Donald Trump About the election Capitol was brutally raped by his supporters and continued to promote deep nationalism. Announcing that it would continue the anniversary of the uprising, L.A.uchará “The Soul of America.”

Biden’s criticism is unprecedented. “Defeated President ”He blamed the attack on fundamentally altering Congress And it has raised global concerns about the future of American democracy.

“For the first time in our history, not only did a presidential election fail, but a violent mob tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power when it entered the Capitol.Said Biden. “But they failed.”

His voice echoed at times, filling it Statue Hall, The hall with statues of the country’s leaders and heroes and one of the many places attacked by the rebels a year ago.

Biden made a distinction between the truth of what happened and Trump's description of the attack on the Capitol (Jabin Botsford / REUTERS).
Biden made a distinction between the truth of what happened and Trump’s description of the attack on the Capitol (Jabin Botsford / REUTERS).

Biden asked Americans on January 6 to see what it was.

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“Democracy attacked”Said Biden on Capitol Hill. “We, the people, endure. We, the people, have won.”

Biden made a distinction between the true and false stories of what happened The attack on Capitol Hill was provoked by Trump, including the continued refusal of many Republicans to claim that Biden won the 2020 election.

“You and I saw the whole world with our own eyes”Biden said.

Trump has vowed that the election was rigged. “Has created a web of lies about the 2020 elections”Biden promised.

He did it because he respects authority over policies because he puts his own interests before the interests of his country., The President stressed “He rode his lie for months.”

As for Biden, the United States and the rest of the world are waging a war between democracy and dictatorship.

“We live at a turning point in history, both at home and abroad.. We are once again caught up in the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism; Between the aspirations of the majority and the greed of the few, ”he said.

“I will not allow anyone to be stabbed in the throat of democracy.”, He concluded. “I will save this nation”.

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