May 30, 2023

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Dominik Metzger was robbed in the middle of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

driver TN Dominic Metzger While covering a reference to the former, he encountered a robbery in full journalistic work World Cup Qatar 2022.

The journalist said they stole her wallet containing her credit cards, cash and documents. Due to this, he had to go to settle down Complaint at police station in Doha.

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Dominique Metzger took to Instagram to share what happened to her ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. (Photo: Instagram/domimetz).

“Qatar experience: My wallet was stolen when we were going live. This is the police, they sent me here To file a complaint because they promise everything is under surveillance,” Dominique commented on one of her Instagram stories following the theft.

Metsger noted that officers told him they were going to find him missing because he had documents in his wallet. “That’s what worries me the most. The other one doesn’t matter to me. Let’s see what happens. What one does not expect to live lives,” he assured.

On reaching the police station, the journalist continued his story inside the police station. It should happen there For women only departmentBecause it is separated from men.

How is TN’s coverage of Qatar 2022 World Cup?

In 40 days, 20 messengers TN (Among Historians, Cinematographers and Technicians) Tour the city of Doha to see it live All the details of the unprecedented World Cup. Dominic Metzger is one of the journalists who coordinates that staff.

TN A The studio is set up at the Press Center (IBC). With state-of-the-art technical components to analyze matches and closely follow the development of the Argentina national team during the tournament.

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Historians, conductors and audiovisual producers from TN who traveled to the World Cup.  (Photo: TN)
Historians, conductors and audiovisual producers from TN who traveled to the World Cup. (Photo: TN)

24-hour live broadcast through mobile phones in various parts of Qatar, TN Tour the cities of the host country How are you enjoying the first World Cup in the Middle East?

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The presence of journalists will be distributed in various Qatari cities with the aim of getting to know them How its citizens live and what are the customs and traditions Most important in the Arab world.