April 1, 2023

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Despite complaints of human rights abuses, El Salvador approved a new extension of Bugel’s emergency rule.

Despite complaints of human rights abuses, El Salvador approved a new extension of Bugel’s emergency rule. (Reuters)

The Legislature of El SalvadorWith an official majority, the twelfth approved the extension Rule of exception Suspends constitutional rights and guarantees, The country will be overcome by this move requested by the President’s government Naeeb Bukhele and with it a “War on gangs”.

This is State of exception A then first approved at the end of March 2022 Increase in murder Mobs and the cause of it It claimed more than 80 lives in three days.

The request for this extension was made by the Defense Minister. Gustavo Villatoroand approved by the legislators of the ruling party New ideas (NI) and its affiliates 67 votes out of 84 delegates.

This extension of the measure was approved, as in other cases, without scrutiny or legislative debate.

Los suspended constitutional guarantees Through this Bukele rule Right to Protection Among those arrested, Uninterrupted telecommunications and maximum duration Temporary detention 72 hours.

Before the approval, President Bukele announced on Twitter 2,000 gang members exchanged A new one A maximum security prisonAnd to that they add 4,000 prisoners According to the president, “the greatest in all of America” ​​is in the mix.

“On this day, in a fresh operation, we transferred a second group of 2,000 gang members Terrorism Prevention Center (Segot),” the President tweeted.

El Salvador: Nayeb Bukele announces transfer of 2,000 more gang members to “world’s most criticized prison”.

According to official statistics, they are close 66,000 people were arrestedWhom the government accuses of being gang members, another 3,300 have been released on parole.

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Salvadoran humanitarian organizations and the Office for the Protection of Human Rights (PDDH) have received more. 7,900 complaints of irregularitiesMajority due to arbitrary detention.

Officials attribute the decrease in murders to the move and the regional containment plan, which was 496 in 2022, 57% less than in 2021, according to official accounts.

Half of Salvadorans believe emergency rule “will not solve the problem” of gangs. In El Salvador, 75.9% of citizens approve of the move, according to a survey published in October 2022 by the University of Central America (UCA) Institute of Public Opinion (Iudop).

Relatives of 66 people were arrested a few days ago in a remote area Bajo LembaIn eastern El Salvador, the state of El Salvador was condemned before Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) for “systematic violation” of their rights.

Salvadoran humanitarian organizations and the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights (PDDH) have received more than 7,900 complaints of abuses, most of which involve arbitrary detention. (Reuters)

“Prisoners have had many of their rights violated in the American Convention,” said Abraham Abrego, director of strategic litigation at the Cristocal Organization, and one of them. Personal freedom“There is a Arbitrary practice of arrest without preliminary investigation and baseless.”

He repented within the framework of this exceptional regime.Judges are not likely to be independent Assessing the provision of alternatives to detention.

Another guarantee, according to Cristosal and relatives of the prisoners, Formally violated.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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