December 7, 2022

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“Dear President”: Lopez-Kettle’s message for AMLO’s second infection

Hugo Lopez-Cadell was one of the first officials to respond to the AMLO epidemic (PHOTOS: KURDOSGRO)

Hugo Lopez-Cadell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Development of Mexico, Sent a message to the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) Minutes after his second infection COVID-19.

Through his Twitter account, Lopez-Cadell wrote on the same social network where the president reported his epidemic:

“Dear President: I hope you will recover soon. His entire team is focused on his recovery and is dedicated to the tasks he has entrusted to us. Hopefully soon he will be back in public action.

Lopez Obrador announced on Monday afternoon, January 10th Positive test for Govit-19.

This is the second contagion of the Mexican president Already tested positive on January 24, 2021.

“Let me inform you that I am suffering from # COVID19 Symptoms are mild, I will be lonely, I will only do office work, I will keep in touch in a virtual way until I progress, ”he wrote to spread the AMLO message.

News that the President of Mexico has confirmed his new COVID-19 epidemic
News that the President of Mexico has confirmed his new COVID-19 epidemic

His place will be occupied in the morning conferences and other functions of the National Palace Adon Augusto Lopez Hernandez, Head of the Interior Ministry.

Of course, the president’s second contagion caused a stir, and immediately various officials of the federal administration came to release messages sending their congratulations to him.

One of the first to respond to the message was Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the Mexican city government, who wrote on her social network: “All the best, our congratulations to President @lopezobrador_ on his speedy recovery.”

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Absence of fever

The health of the Mexican president has unleashed comments after appearing at the conference on Monday morning National Palace With hoarse and sore voice-like symptoms.

“I woke up gruff. I’m going to get tested later, but I think it’s the flu”, He told those who had begun to suspect.

Especially when AMLO met a few days ago Tatiana Claudier, Economic Secretary, gave the officer shortly before Positive for Govt-19.

At the time, the Mexican president was optimistic about his good health and would reject any test to rule out any fear of infection. This was revealed at his conference on January 7th. “I met her three days ago (Y) I have no symptoms. The truth is that I am fine. If you have symptoms, they should be checked. “

Lopez Obrador confirmed the new outbreak of his Covart-19 (CUARTOSCURO.COM) this afternoon.
Lopez Obrador confirmed the new infection of his COVID-19 this afternoon (CUARTOSCURO.COM)

However, this morning the symptoms have attracted attention, especially in recent weeks with an increase in COVID-19 infections in Mexico. The registration numbers are not just for recent months, but for the entire epidemic.

Last Saturday, January 8, the Ministry of Health (Ssa) announced that they had registered in the country in the last 24 hours. 30,671 infections, maximum number.

One day ago, the country had already reached the peak of epidemics with more than 28,000 cases. Until then, The highest number recorded on August 18, 2021 was 28,953 infections. When Mexico experienced the devastation of the third wave of COVID-19.

This Monday, until January 10, 2022, they have registered A total of 4 million 136 thousand 440 cases and 300 thousand 412 deaths since the outbreak in March 2020.

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