March 28, 2023

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Cucuta: Two people were killed in two explosions at a city airport in Colombia

Three people died At the International Airport this Tuesday Colombian city Cúcuta, On the border with Venezuela, then Two loud explosions. The president, Ivan Duque, and the defense minister, Diego Molano, have vowed it will be a “terrorist attack.”

This Tuesday, the Commander-in-Chief of the Cúcuta Metropolitan Police, Colonel Giovanni Madriaga, stated: The two men, who were carrying bombs, tried to jump over the perimeter wall of the Camilo Dasa airportOne was able to do it, but died when the ammunition he was carrying with him failed, while the other left a suitcase at the scene and fled.

There was another bomb in that suitcase, which was later killed Anti-explosive police, William Barreno and David Reyes oversaw the area, Motherriaga explained. Meanwhile, President Evan Tuk said investigations would begin immediately after he described the bombings as a terrorist attack.

Civil aeronautics said they had shut down operations at Guguda Airport, the capital of Norde de Santander, home to 788,000 people, due to the explosion. “This morning there was an explosion in an area near the Camilo Daza de Cúcuta airport. According to established protocols, operations at that terminal were suspended, while the relevant authorities are determining what happened,” Civil Aeronautics said in a statement. The impact of the explosives also went to some houses near the airport.

Camilo Daza has the uniqueness of being surrounded by its tracks surroundings, which makes it easier for attackers to enter. The Flights, While, They were suspended, Civil aeronautics confirmed when relevant authorities determined what had happened.

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President of Colombia, Ivan Duke, Enga posted a message on Twitter Rejected the “cowardly terrorist attack.” In Cúcuta. “We are coordinating with the Ministry of Defense, the military leadership, the Colombian army and the Colombian police to find immediate action against those responsible for this attack,” the president said.

Defense Minister Diego Molano also called the bombings a “terrorist attack.” “It has motives of instability,” he said, adding that it could have been planned from the Venezuelan territory where Colombian rebel groups operate.

Gustavo Pedro, Colombia’s presidential candidate, said it was a terrorist act. “Cúcuta has been left in the hands of the mafia groups that are destroying it Since the government decided to support the crossing of the border from companies to mafias, the government could not recover it.The progressive leader wrote on his Twitter account.

For her part, Maria Jos பி Bizarro, who heads the House of Representatives and co-chair of the Peace Commission, condemned what happened at the Cúcuta terminal. “It is unfortunate what happened at Cúcuta Airport. I reject any kind of violence. The country cannot be subjected to violence. Solidarity to the families of the victims.”Pizarro wrote on his Twitter account.

Cúcuta and its environs National Liberation Army (ELN) And disagreement Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), The defunct guerrilla who signed the peace agreement in 2016. The minister told the media that these organizations “planned, funded and carried out their attacks in Venezuela several times, and then unfortunately sought to carry them out in the Colombian territory”.

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This year, there were several attacks, including in Cúcuta A car explodes in the facilities of the Thirty Regiment of the Cúcuta Army Thirty-six people were injured last June. A second attack was recorded a few weeks later, This time when President Ivan Duque and his entourage flew over the area by helicopter.