January 27, 2023

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Covid cases on the rise: Where to get vaccinated in Buenos Aires city and province | The Ministry of Health has asked not to panic

Argentina There has been a huge spike in the number of Covid infections in the past two weeks. According to the Ministry of Health report, Positive cases rose by 60 percent. However, thanks to the vaccine, this rise has not translated into greater demand on the healthcare system.

In last week’s report, it was reported Six people died And the number of hospitalizations stood at 237. These numbers are indicated from the Govt. Call for silence And they promise that there is no data to worry about.

An increase in cases was noted in 13 of the 24 jurisdictions. In the last three weeks, on average From 130 daily cases to 178 and then to 252. For reference, in the same period in CABA, they went from 35 to 98; Buenos Aires rose from 43 to 69 in the province.

A third catalyst

This increase in infections occurs in crowded environments Over 50 years Invitation to apply starts coming to them Fifth dose Corona virus vaccine.

This is because Federal Health Council It agreed to implement from November application The third promoter of vaccination The second is for those who have received 120 days or more.

In this fifth or sixth dose – depending on the primary regimen received – is preferred People over 50 and 18 or older with risk factors.

The goal of this new dose is to help Stimulates memory of the immune system And prevents the development of severe forms of covid disease.

How do I get vaccinated in Buenos Aires?

In City of Buenos Aires The order of allotment of shifts is done in order of age in order of priority for those who received their last dose before 120 days.

You need to apply Make an appointment via email, WhatsApp or SMS, according to the order of administration of the last dose. Once done, you can select the preferred date, time and location via a personalized link.

Rather, in the province Buenos Aires All doses are available and you can attend No prior change For vaccination closer to home.

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