June 2, 2023

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Cosprom begins to deliver gas to five European underground tanks


9 November 2021 09:10 GMT

Gas transport and pumping are carried out according to the plan approved in November.

The Russian Federation Gazprom has approved a project to pump gas to five underground tanks in Europe this November and has begun implementing it, according to an official statement. “The project defines the dimensions and routes of gas transport”, Resa Notice.

After the long cold winter of 2020-2021, underground tanks were left empty in Russia and Europe, making refilling the internal tanks a priority for the company. However, this Monday it is being supplied by the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline – which connects Russia with Germany and Austria via Belarus and Poland – and it goes on. To Ukraine Increased as part of a European tank filling program.

In all, the federation warns that there could be an increase of 30 million cubic meters this Tuesday on Ukrainian and Polish routes, compared to Monday, November 8th.

Last month, Gosprom offset US gas shortages in Europe, helping to “create a more stable situation in Europe”. Announced it Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 27. In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Announced In October, Russia executed gas transport agreements and asked whether the EU had placed a sufficient number of orders.

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