January 27, 2023

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Corona virus vaccination mandatory in Austria | Until February, before the advancement of Ómicron

Austria Will be in early February The first European country to make the corona virus vaccine mandatory, Under severe fines, the Austrian president said Sunday.

“As planned, in early February, we are going to make vaccination mandatory for adults,” he told a news conference. Conservative Carl Newhammer, Led by the country with ecologists.

Throughout this week, the issue has been the subject of heated debate in Parliament and among the people. This problem divides the country deeply, where about 71.5% of the population has completed the vaccination schedule, which is a low number compared to other Western countries.

Nehemiah insisted that “this is an important plan” but “in accordance with the Constitution.” An “adaptation phase” is planned for those most reluctant to puncture “until mid-March”.

“Then, restrictions will be imposed” and not vaccinated, if it continues, is a “crime” with financial “fines” of between 600 and 3,600 euros ($ 685 and $ 4,100).

On Saturday, about 27,000 people protested in the Austrian capital against the move, saying it was against individual freedom.

The Austrian government has a large majority in parliament: in addition to conservatives and environmentalists, the leaders of the Social Democratic and Liberal parties support the speech. Only the far right opposes.

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