April 1, 2023

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Corona virus: The epidemic has not brought any peace in Russia and warnings are being raised around the world

Russia is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic Its people refuse to be vaccinated. According to the latest official data, the herd’s immune system is estimated at only 48 percent.

The country has recorded 40,735 corona virus infections and 1,192 deaths Related to the last 24 hours, the National Action Center for the Fight Against the Epidemic reported. “40,735 Govt-19 cases have been confirmed in 85 regions, including 3,793 asymptomatic cases (9.3 per cent),” the official statement said.

The accumulated number, 8,714,595 infections, was 0.47 percent higher than the previous day. Most new infections have been detected in the Russian capital (6,407), in St. Petersburg (3,363) and in the Moscow region (2,835).

With 1,192 deaths recorded on Thursday, the total has risen to 244,447. In particular, 93 deaths have been confirmed in Moscow and 89 in St. Petersburg, according to the Sputnik News Agency.

According to the operational center, 28,605 people have been discharged in the last 24 hours, The total number of patients cured is 7,505,971. There are 6,024 registered in the Russian capital and 3,107 in the Moscow region.

For its part, the National Consumer Protection Office, Rospotrebnadzor, reported in Russia To date, more than 211.8 million corona virus tests have been performed, Including about 666,000 on the last day.

More than 1.9 million people are under surveillance in Russia Suspicious cases, released Thelam.

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