June 7, 2023

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COMECE-CEC Joint Message: Christians united for a peaceful world

The presidents of the Episcopal Commission of the EU, Crociata and the Conference of European Churches, Krieger, underlined the commitment of Christians to “walk together, guided by the Holy Spirit”.

Alessandro Di Bussolo – Vatican News

“The brutal war against Ukraine” and the “humanitarian crisis continue”, Christians, filled and guided by the Holy Spirit, walk together as God’s people and commit themselves to “changing the service for a just, peaceful and perfect world. Faith”, which is expressed, for example, in the “support of churches for refugees” “. This was stated in the joint message of Comece (Commission of Synods of the European Union) and CEC (Conference of European Churches), Monsignor Mariano Crociata and Reverend Christian Krieger, on the eve of Pentecost 2023.

Christians face the challenges of a world wounded by violence, inequality and division

The leaders of both organizations recalled that since the Spirit was poured out on the apostles “on the day of Pentecost, fifty days after the Lord’s resurrection,” the Spirit had “encouraged and guided the churches and upheld and encouraged Christians collectively and individually.” And “Just as the early Christian community struggled to find answers to the problems it faced, Christians today struggle with the challenges of a world deeply wounded by violence, inequality and division.” Analyzing current affairs, in addition to the conflict at the heart of Europe, “social and political consequences continue to emerge, along with economic imbalances, revealing the polarization and fragmentation of our societies.”

Responding to humanitarian needs in Ukraine

But “by trusting in the Holy Spirit and walking together as Christians, God’s people gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel and engage in transformative service for a just and peaceful world”. In this way, continues the message of the leaders of COMECE and CMI, Christians “respond to the humanitarian needs in Ukraine, express their solidarity with the victims of this tragic war and actively work for peace on the continent”. As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost this year, let us open ourselves to receive the Holy Spirit who can heal humanity, bring reconciliation and transform society.”

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A common prayer for justice and peace

Crociata and Krieger’s call is, “Let us pray for justice and peace, humbly and trustingly surrendering ourselves to the Spirit of God who transforms and reconciles all.” Let the same Spirit “enlighten the minds of those who seek violence, and give them ‘a heart of flesh.’ May the feet of all be guided in the path of justice, truth, harmony and peace.” And they invite us to pray to God so that “the Pentecostal message of seeking unity in diversity inspires those with political responsibilities in Europe so that their decisions are guided by wisdom, honesty and compassion. All”. As presidents of COMECE and CMI, Crociata and Krieger also encourage “to pray for our common witness and work for the good of the European project”. And they remember that CMI will hold its general meeting in Tallinn (Estonia) in a few weeks to elect its new president and board of directors. COMECE held its General Assembly in Rome at the end of March and elected its new President and Permanent Committee for the next five years.