February 4, 2023

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Cold Christmas in Miami: How a Bomb Hurricane Will Impact the US

Miami heat feels like 6°C, Miami Beach (Photo: Opie Morales)

Miami It is classified as a tropical city America, With warm temperatures throughout the year, this is one Tourist attractions Very attractive to both locals and expats who want to spend a few days at the beach.

However, in this Christmas season As a result of extremely low temperatures hitting the country, this may not be the case. Hurricane bomb You have proven that Heavy snowfall In much of the US, the city of Miami will be hit by a severe storm this weekend.

Unpopulated Miami Beaches (Photo: Opie Morels)
Unpopulated Miami Beaches (Photo: Opie Morels)

This SaturdayMagic City”, At dawn with a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, Highs of 13°C will be in the middle and low range and overnight temperatures will drop to 9° and 8°C, so Miami residents good night with coats.

While no snow is expected in the city, temperatures will remain low throughout the weekend in the south, with showers likely in the afternoon. Florida.

A major storm affecting a good portion of the US has caused hundreds of delays this Friday Many flight cancellations It contains Miami International Airport (MIA) And one Fort Lauderdale-HollywoodTwo of the largest in South Florida.

Miami Beach will experience one of the coldest Christmases in its history (Photo: Opie Morales)
Miami Beach will experience one of the coldest Christmases in its history (Photo: Opie Morales)

The forecast passenger transfer through MIA during the main days of the Christmas season from December 21 to January 6, 2023 will reach a record number of 2.5 million passengers, which is 1.5 percent higher than the same period last year.

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Local media etc NBC Miami today reported long lines of cars and high volumes of passengers at the two aforementioned airports on a day that has seen many delays and canceled flights.

After noon today, 234 flights were delayed and 41 canceled at MIA, and 192 flights were delayed and 67 canceled at Fort Lauderdale, north of Miami.

The storm drastically changed the city's typical temperatures (Photo: Opie Morles)
The storm drastically changed the city’s typical temperatures (Photo: Opie Morles)

Likewise, the Water parks from Orlando They close due to low temperature. A frost warning has been issued for the entire state of Florida.

Disney declared that his Water park It will be closed from 23rd to 25th December. The park will only reopen on Monday, December 26 if temperatures improve sufficiently.

Volcano Bay Closed all weekend due to forecasted temperatures. when Aquatic organisms It also closes in the same season.

Tourists make an unusual stay on Miami Beach (Photo: Opie Morales)
Tourists make an unusual stay on Miami Beach (Photo: Opie Morales)

Miami is one of the most important cities in the United States, located on the coast of South Florida. Atlantic Ocean.

The climate of this American city is mainly tropical with monsoon subtypeIt is warm throughout the year, with a short dry season and mainly rainy season.

When in July Hot temperatureWhen is January? Frosts will come.

Very heavy rain In Miami they are held during the summer Dry season It is in winter.

Due to its geographical location, Miami is constantly hit by hurricanesIts season is usually from June to November.

A driver scrapes snow from his car during the frigid weather as a weather phenomenon known as a bomb cyclone hits the country in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
A driver scrapes snow from his car during the frigid weather as a weather phenomenon known as a bomb cyclone hits the country in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

A winter storm type”Cyclone Bamba” A rare intensity whip America This weekend, it killed at least 11 people and left over a million US citizens without power.

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In the North American country, routes and airports were announced to be closed, forcing the cancellation of nearly seven thousand flights. Christmas.

Conditions are extremely dangerous for traffic, officials warned.

The weather is expected to stay the same throughout the weekend, so it’s highly likely that Americans will stay indoors to celebrate Christmas due to the low temperatures.

Pictures show heavy snowfall hitting many cities in the country

Experts explain that from Sunday night, temperatures will start to change and will reach moderate levels by Monday.

For this, lakhs of people were expected to take to the roads and take flights Christmas and New Year holidaysindicates a return to previous movement levels International distribution.

More than 1.5 million Americans were without power Friday, mostly North and South Carolina, Connecticut and TexasAccording to the special site resistance.US.

“Please take this storm very seriously,” the president urged last Thursday Joe Biden. “I encourage everyone (…) to listen to the warnings at the local level. It’s serious.”

Strong snowfall And this polar temperature beat that America Almost Christmas They are caused by a weather phenomenon called “Bomb Cyclone” oh”Low pressure pump”, caused by depression that rapidly worsens, but whose historical severity is A Cold arctic air.

A man uses a blower to clear snow
A man uses a blower to clear snow

This type of storm only happens once in a “generation”. US National Weather Service Inside Buffalo.

We face”A historic cold salute”, he explained Cyril DuchesneA meteorologist for a French TV channel, The Weather Channel.

Several cold records were broken in the presence of this storm: -53°C, -38°C in western Canada. MinnesotaBut, further south, the temperature is lower at this time of year, -13 degrees Celsius Dallas and -8 degrees Celsius Houston.

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The cause is a low-pressure system, caused by a “powerful collision between two air masses,” a very cold one Arctic and other tropical Gulf of Mexico.

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