June 7, 2023

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Climate summit postpones closure in Glasgow: issues delaying global deal

The leadership of the Climate Summit, or COP26, called for accepting this Friday’s commitment. Gradually discharges the energy produced in coal plants, As well as “ineffective” fossil fuel subsidies, a New draft In it, they “diluted” some of the demands, seeking consensus for a final declaration before the end of the climate summit, according to environmental experts. Already extended in the middle of discussions.

Delegates from 194 countries have been meeting in the Scottish city since October 31 Glasgow Their job is to determine How to fulfill the promises of the Paris Agreement to control global temperature from 1.5 degrees Celsius to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

After two weeks of intensive negotiations, COP26 was supposed to officially end this Friday, but at the last minute a classic was already passed in these meetings: Closure extension due to having to search for contracts.

The summit in Glasgow (3:00 pm in Argentina) was supposed to end at 6:00 pm, but the crossroads of discussions and drafts lasted, at least, no one could say for sure whether it happened. Closing this SaturdayOh.

In the quote above, in Madrid in December 2015, Has the rare privilege of being the longest summit in history because it ended next Sunday morning and broke Durban’s previous longest record.

“We haven’t done it yet” but “Let’s do it”John Kerry, the US special envoy, said at a key meeting that he returned to climate talks this year, led by President Joe Biden, following the resignation of Donald Trump.

In this regard, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on rich countries “Put the money on the table” Open Climate Negotiations on COP26.

“That’s what should happen in the next few hours,” Johnson explained. “We can’t solve everything in COP, but we can get started,” he said.

In search of a common position, the Second Draft Resolution, which is still provisional, tells countries to “for this Gradual cessation of unrestricted coal energy and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies“.

“Uncontrolled” coal-fired power plants do not use carbon dioxide (CO2) trapping technology to compensate for a portion of the gases they emit into the atmosphere.

This is an unprecedented reference to these fuels, including gas and oil, which are responsible for most of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by global warming.

However, its creation was smoother than the first draft, which was simply heard “Accelerate the shift from financing of coal and fossil fuels”.

The The coal issue is important for many countries That fuel depends on economic growth in China and India, and exporters like Australia.

First Saudi Arabia World Oil ManufacturerThis is also the case in the countries that have campaigned around these points.

“The main line for phase removal Coal and fossil fuel subsidies It has been critically weakened (in the speech), but it still has to be strengthened again before the end of this summit, ”Greenpeace director Jennifer Morgan said on Twitter.

Morgan urged Glasgow negotiators to “listen” to the calls of youth and developing countries and to “isolate” the governments attending the summit.To destroy the progress of the struggle against climate change.

Organizations such as Oxfam and Friends of the Earth also targeted the most powerful nations as the authors of a maneuver. Change the article on fossil fuels.

Sarah Shah, a spokeswoman for Friends of the Earth, warned of the need to avoid “gaps and gray areas” in the final agreement. Paris Agreement to prevent planetary temperatures from exceeding 2.

Vanessa Perez-Sierra, President of the NGO WWF, “Revised Draft Has retreated in key areas“Short-term increases in climate stability for 2022 will continue to appear in the text, although this is not enough to meet the 1.5 ° C target,” he stressed.

According to a mechanism established in 2015, countries They need to review their goals, Called NDC, every five years, next time in 2025.

But since they arrived in Glasgow, representatives of environmental organizations and the most vulnerable countries have insisted. Corrections are made annually.

The first draft resolution, released on Wednesday, called on countries to “review and strengthen” their decorbonization plans for next year.

However, Perez-Sierra “should be with it A short-term actionFor example, the elimination of billions spent annually on subsidizing fossil fuels to help reach $ 100,000 million will help low- and middle-income countries from 2009, AFP said.

The Think Tank E3G emphasizes on its website that the new draft is more balanced on mitigation and adaptation measures for developing countries, without affecting the effects of climate change and has goals for it. And more robust emissions reduction.

“But this will not be enough to build confidence that the necessary funding will be available, so the major parties (EU, US) will have to contribute more to seal an agreement,” E3G said.

The Greenhouse gas emissions after the Industrial Revolution They have already increased the planet’s temperature by 1.1 degrees Celsius, and experts warn that its chaotic effects, including drought and flooding, could worsen the displacement of millions of people.

In the first ten days of COP26 Luxurious announcements did not stop the rain: New targets for India – fourth largest emitter in the world -; Promises to stop deforestation by 2030 and emit 30% less methane gas, which has a greenhouse effect 80 times greater than CO2; Even the Sino-US agreement, the first and second world emitters, is a collective strengthening of the fight against climate change despite deep differences in other sectors.

However, at the current rate The planet is heading towards a 2.4 degree warming According to the Climate Activity Tracker and 2.7 ºC UN.

With Many points not paid, DPA Agency confirmed evening meetings to discuss new versions of the final text.

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