June 3, 2023

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Christmas 2022: How to Create a Rich Vital Tone

Vital Donne is a Christmas classic.

came December 24 And with that, dinner good night And this Christmas They are still close. Living arrangements End of year parties The fun with friends and family has already begun.

When it is already armed Christmas treeaccommodated Christmas decorations And it’s time to think about buying gifts and entertaining the guests at the Christmas party. good night or lunch ChristmasOr what to bring to share with our hosts if you’ve been invited.

In our country, on this date there are some typical dishes with the tables of Argentina. Tongue vinaigrette, Salt Pionono, Russian salad, Fry Of course, The winch sinks.

The The winch sinks It is a dish of Italian origin, more precisely, Piedmontese, and is called Tons of veal oh Veal with tuna sauce What does it mean in Italian? Beef with tuna.

However, although it was born in Piedmont because it was near the port of Genoa and its people had access to meat and tuna, the truth is that this dish continued to be prepared with the immigration of Italians to Argentina. Lands.. It has even been adopted as a characteristic dish for holidays, unlike those used in its origins where it is not regularly served. Christmas Inside New yearand is considered an obsolete food.

The truth is, even if it is a characteristic dish End of year parties, which can be done and enjoyed throughout the year without any problems. Next, we share the recipe for preparation The winch sinks Rich.

Vital Donne was created in Italy but has been adopted as a classic Christmas dish in Argentina.
Vital Donne was created in Italy but has been adopted as a classic Christmas dish in Argentina.

to Vital Tuna is ready We want:

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– 800 grams of tenderloin or breast

For the sauce:

– 1 stalk of celery

– 1 pinch of rosemary

– 1 pinch of parsley

– 5 cans of tuna

– 4 anchovies

– 250 milliliters of mayonnaise

– 1 carrot

– Meat broth

– 2 tbsp. Olive oil

– 100 ml of white wine

– 1 pinch of black pepper

– 1 pinch of salt

– Capers

Vital Donne is a dish of Italian origin.
Vital Donne is a dish of Italian origin.

This is a great dish for serving good night, Christmas, New year And even for cooking beyond the holidays, eating fresh meat in the summer is a great way. Create vital tone It is easy but requires commitment. To cook Rich in everything, you need to follow the following steps:

1) Boil the peseta in a common pot with broth for an hour or in a pressure cooker for 40 minutes. Before doing so, you can marinate it overnight in white wine and tie it so that it does not lose its shape.

2) Meanwhile, mix the tuna, anchovies, celery stalk, capers and carrots with the broth (you can use what you made while the peceto was cooking). Add rosemary, parsley, olive oil, black pepper and salt to taste.

3) Cut the peceto into slices (thick or thin, as you like) and pour the sauce over the top. Top with capers and refrigerate to chill. Then serve.

It should be noted that the addition of capers (contributes to saltiness) as well as anchovies (increases the flavor of the tuna) depends on personal taste and the preference of each family. The winch sinks.

Vital Doane is missing from the Christmas table.
Vital tone is missing from the Christmas table.

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