June 7, 2023

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Chile: Interview with Gabriel Borick’s ally Irina Caramanos discussing the place of the first lady | The place of feminism in the new government

While some may be surprised or angry that one of his first public appearances called into question the primitive position of the first lady, others insist on calling her “The”. Girlfriend De Borick ”, Irina Caramanos speaks of a strong personality that quickly comes to her, surprising a 32-year-old with a clear and comprehensive educational training: An anthropologist and fluent in four languages, Irina also studied science, visual arts, cultural management, linguistic diversity and civic education.

But did not wish to reconsider his experience and knowledge for this interview Los 12, Irina chooses to focus on the biggest and most rebellious Chilean youth – of which she is also a part. With significant social commitment and a solid foundation of political activismFor some years now, it has been exploring deep-rooted structures that commercialize social rights and make the lives of many Chileans more dangerous.

“I am a feminist and a member of a political party because I believe that power can be redistributed collectively and horizontally.”In this new socio-political structure led by his colleague Gabriel Borick, who will rule the neighboring country from March 2022, Caramanos says he faces Chile’s recent past and can expect anything.

In what way are all the courses you have completed integrated into your daily work?

–I’m interested in improving cross-cutting work at all levels, for example, which is very divisive in the design of public policy. Professionally I am also committed to deepening the same logic: I work on cultural and educational projects that seek to advance towards a multicultural and multilingual community where it is not only tolerant of others, but also self-understanding as a different community. Perspectives, bodies, families, thought structures, social relationships and respect for nature may coexist.

A feminist and longtime political activist, Caramanos was an anthropologist and pledged the cultural change brought about by the anti-conservative social revolution taking place in Chile in recent years.

Of the many feminist organizations that have emerged in Chile in recent years and have progressed together, many of the perspectives you mention converge, right?

– Yes, because feminism in the last 20 years has called into question the most conservative systems of Chilean society. Feminists are organizing us to take historic steps as they are now The meeting of the first constitution, drawn up by a joint body, is unique in the world. Unity built from the defense of life, our rights and our freedoms was the basis for the emergence of this systemic process in Chile. And various forms of domestic, economic and organizational violence, against whose oppression we have organized to organize feminist groups and networks of various and new disciplines.. This feminist section is present throughout the region, in the struggle for life, against its insecurity, in the vital struggles for access to water as a human right, in the protection of ecosystems, neighborhood leadership and the management of common pots. With a few examples, other than managing mental health in communities and homes, it often falls on women as well.

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How feminism contributed to the success of the war

Feminism became one of the key factors in the success of Gabriel Borick. In other words, there was a feminist politicization around the entire pre-election process.

Yes, in fact it is the motivation of generations and we must always know that we are a part of it and that there are struggles before us. In recent times, we have observed that feminism has functioned as a window into new activity, reflections, and problems to be established in public debate. In these last elections, it has been a great challenge for us to invite those who do not usually do so for various reasons, but mainly do not feel that they have a call or representation in the programs offered to the country. In addition, in this presidential election we are not only in favor of expanding our rights, freedoms, dignity and diversity of families, but we are also at risk of losing even a few steps to progress in everything. This is the last time ..

If Cast had won it would have been a major setback in terms of women’s rights and diversity.

– Exactly, women and people of diversity were aware that our rights were being threatened by the advancement of radical conservative will. That is why the high turnout of women and dissidents in the second presidential round was not accidental: Dozens of feminist organizations first arose after the first round to actively express their support for the candidacy. Face-to-face encounters such as the 8M Feminist Coordinator were quickly created, and in addition to the various locally organized locations to collect “feminist commands” across groups and across national territory, we created milestones in the public space. , And all ended up being decisive in the referendum.

Given that the left and right political parties that make up the Congress in Chile today have practically the same number of representatives, do you think progress will be made on the feminist agenda next year?

– Undoubtedly, secession of Congress will be a permanent challenge to reaching agreements, as this current configuration may be difficult for many feminist and gender denial bills. But precisely for this reason we are already doing a lot of work, and in a clear way, between the MPs to reconsider the efforts already put forward and to put together the designs of the proposals that we intend to address in the Assembly sessions next year.

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Can you name some of those proposals?

–Came gender identity law can be reviewed in more detail; The Gender Violence Act deals with violence that is beyond the scope of current “within the family” and conforms to the standards of the Belm du Para-American Convention, which coordinates the necessary legal tools to prevent, punish, and eliminate violence against women. It is also a framework law on gender and reproductive rights that recognizes the diversity of people and their diverse needs, and establishes the duty of the state to fully implement sexual and reproductive rights. The amendment to the Equal Pay Act has proven ineffective in reducing the pay gap between women and men because it must ensure compliance: equal work, equal pay. A national LGTBIQ + social rights program, access to employment, gender and inclusive education will put an end to discrimination in access to health. And a Trans Labor quota scheme puts an end to exclusion and insecurity. In connection with the creation of a national care system, we will seek to integrate with the feminist, intermediate and social perspective, moving from the current care system that relies solely on the family, toward a social cohesive responsibility for care. But as always, in order to encourage these demands, the focused role and social pressure in the public debate of feminist and dissident organizations will be paramount. In other words, it can promote the work of legislation collectively and horizontally with citizens.

Do you think that pay and gender equality can be achieved in ministry positions?

Yes, I believe that equality in this government is not just a campaign slogan, we have been emphasizing for a long time the search for proportional representation of men and women in the spheres of power, so this equality must be substantial. Our country has been a pioneer in this regard and we must follow the same paradigm of equality achieved by the Constitutional Conference.. Our representatives in Parliament have long been fighting for a cabinet that is equal and that equal pay for equal work.

Feminism and anti-racism

As you refer to the Constitutional Conference, how do you view the issue of racism and anti-social class within the feminist movement because it is run by a tribal woman?

– I believe that anti-racism and feminism are fundamentally intertwined in their logic and proposition of an egalitarian society, both questioning hegemony, diversity and white supremacy but for this to really take effect, it is important to ensure that we do not reproduce racism every day. This is because it is not enough to say that we are not racist, but rather to actively correct this asymmetry, we cannot continue to normalize discrimination in our environment., And we act critically in every conversation and in every way we live in our neighborhoods, communities and territories, from our different levels in the community. I believe the aim is that we can join in all the struggles for the diversification of power. Elisa Longon, when taking the lead in the blockchain, said: “From now on a new Chile has been established, with pluralism, multilingualism, women, territories: this is the dream of our forefathers.” In addition, it seems to me that it is necessary to stop at least essentializing one another and move on to a cross-cutting understanding of issues, conflicts, existence and power relations. The qualities or labels we highlight speak a lot about the structure of another, from differences or from something in common.

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Do you think the new constitution will be important in advancing feminist rights?

Yes, I believe that the new constitution will undoubtedly be important in participating in the exercise of the rights and powers of historically excluded groups in Chile. I see it in all the identity and political controversies that have arisen in the debate over regulation, except that the body already has seats reserved for tribal people, from its collective structure. I hope the constitutional process will open up many more websites for subsequent legislative and public policy initiatives.. Currently, for example, a popular provision for women, children and gender opponents to present a constitution for a non-violent life is being framed before the conference, which is being co-ordinated by feminist and dissident organizations. It will also seek to pave the way for the eventual advancement of sexual and reproductive rights. One of the important points is that we can move forward with progressive autonomy in recognizing the work of care, in recognizing the autonomy of our bodies, and in recognizing children and adolescents as political subjects. I hope that a cycle that still binds us with the symbols of dictatorship in Chile will end, leaving behind impunity on the basis of human rights and inequality and moving forward with a society that can advance dignity and life in all its diversity. .