May 30, 2023

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Chile: Gabriel Boric is betting on the future, while far-right Jose Antonio Cast is trying to scare him. | Ten days before the election

The legal period of the campaign this Sunday – on television and in the streets – began with the candidates Gabriel Borick Y Jose Antonio Cast, The left and right wing of the Chilean political spectrum are seeking to become president, guiding the process of a new constitution to be voted on in the first half of 2022, respectively.

Borick finished second in the first round on November 21 (25.83%) against Cost (27.91%). All polls show the winner first. Among them, the criterion stands alone, which is 8 points ahead of the left-wing candidate and Kadem has five points.

His strategy was to instill confidence in the candidate and seek to recover those pages that had been weakly pointed out by his advisers: the security and migration crisis.

Two issues that were central to his rival’s campaign, but the election will surprise, economist Franco Paris, With aggressive speech structured on social networks, he rejected traditional politics and the elite and took third place over the official candidate.To Sebastian Chichel And former concert, Yasna Provoste.

L Factor Bad Boy

As soon as the results were known, Parisi, who did not campaign in Chile, invited both candidates directly from his temporary home in the United States to his YouTube project “Bad Boys” as he was being held in custody for non-payment of alimony. Reassure their voters (almost 900 thousand). One thing Cast immediately accepted was that the same week he traveled to the North to hold meetings with Republican politicians. Marco Rubio, An action was highly criticized by its own context.

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Borik, along with the support of center-left parties such as former presidents DC and PS, took some time to accept. Ricardo Lagos Y Michael Bachelet, Except for the glamorous former president of the Medical College, Ischia Chiches Took over as the new campaign manager. The latter raised suspicions about attending the Borik show. Considering that Castin’s team had already met in Paris – It means a trip to North America, but it is denied – and meeting a woman candidate who owes her own children $ 245,000 is a bad sign. One thing that was finally confirmed on the show “Candidato, your time has come” in an interview with Television National de Chile on Wednesday night was that, based on the tense format, with useful questions, the interviewer did not allow him to speak. The first half without air conditioning made him sweat a lot.

“I’m a person based on his leadership in listening,” Borick said. “I’m reacting for a few days because I have conflicting opinions on whether or not to go right for that project (” Bad Boys “). Many will see it, it may be.The place to improve our proposals, however I believe that one should be guided by principles in elections and in life in general, so that, given Franco Paris’ unacceptable alimony loan, this is not something that needs to be clarified, as Jose Antonio Gost said. No, something you have to comply with, something that immediately angered the intimidating economist on Twitter “Shred” your economic plan Interview scheduled day.

Future and Terrorism

Television campaigning has traditionally been the place where the Chilean people strengthen or finally take their decision when they vote. The difference between the two candidates transcends aesthetics, music and comedy, with the most traditional of these gaps, but they are two completely different national projects. One page, Future Challenge Highlights Changes in Health, Economy, Pensions, and the Environment With pictures of his tour of the cities in the south of the country, Talkahuano was the starting point, while Chichs headed north, where he was surrounded by people, and dressed in “president” style – sacks, glasses -. A hilarious clip of memes, TV actors and companions is also included Jaime Narancho (PS), famous for reading the ten-hour constitutional charge against the president Sebastian Pinera Wait until two co-workers arrive to reach a quorum- he is now starting to read the candidate’s plan.

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Cast, on the other hand, bet long minutes showing victims of arson attacks in Araucania. (Veil attacking the Mapuche community) and condemning migration to the North, exposing immigrants from Colombia, Bolivia or Venezuela through unauthorized steps and blurring their faces. Then he looks at the line promising the camera, without the audience.

Strongly reminiscent of the 1988 referendum, “No” (to remove Pinochet) used a pop language that was colorful and optimistic and “yes” focused on fear and attack on the enemy. Style. Borik talks about the future, highlights the points of his project and points out the differences with the “other” only with one voice. However Cast talks about “communism”, Shows his voters complaining about Chile today, and he appears in clips taken from old speeches. Knowing that there were no new voters willing to trust the far right, he wanted to take care of the December 19 vote. This is the first time they have met face-to-face in a debate hosted by radio stations in Chile and in a televised debate on Monday the 13th.