August 9, 2022

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Chile: Environmental activist Zavira Rojas | Left-wing candidates and social organizations are demanding justice

Behind Female massacre of environmental activist Zavira Rojas in Antofagasta, Chile Feminist and environmental protection organizations are demanding justice for Rojas. At the same time, Left-wing candidate Gabriel Borick called for the facts to be clarified as soon as possible. “It is urgent to protect environmentalists from the government who act to prevent intimidation, harassment and attacks on those who fight for the environment,” the Abrew Dignity candidate wrote.

“Permanence of Violence”

The Social and Environmental Group of CF8M, Rojas was a part of it, “The chaotic environment described so far has not allowed us to confirm until now that her ability to be a defender is the cause; however, we can assure you that it is structured into sexual violence that abuses women every day.

“Violence is perpetuated in areas where women are sacrificed, and the horrific events that our partner experiences can be achieved, thereby exposing the vicious alliance that exists between segregation and patriarchy. For this reason, we will not rest until justice is done for Javira Rojas,” the statement from the Feminist and Environmental Organization concludes.

Rojas’ body was found in an abandoned house last Sunday. This week the Investigative Police (PDI) arrested two suspects and the Antofagasta Guaranteed Court granted detention to both.
For his part The Presidential candidate Gabriel Borick called for clarification of the facts And “Determining Related Criminal Punishments.” “There is an urgent need to protect the environmentalists from the government in order to prevent intimidation, harassment and attacks on those who fight for the environment.”The left-wing candidate said on Twitter.

“In a complete democracy it is persecuted”

Meanwhile, delegates Catalina Perez and Marcela Sandoval, chairwoman of the Lower House Environmental Commission, asked the National Human Rights Commission (INDH) to join the prosecution in the investigation. For his part, he expressed regret at referring to constitutional member Barbara Sebulveda Rojas at a session of the Constitutional Conference. “In a full democracy, environmentalists are persecuted, persecuted, persecuted and killed.”, The newspaper quoted Counter.

“Protecting the environment in Chile is very dangerous. In a democracy, it is persecuted. Female environmentalists harass, harass and kill. Many of these murders look like suicides or accidents. ” Sebulveda added that he recalled in this sense.In 2016 they killed McCarena Valdes In order to conserve water, the 2013 They killed Nicholas Quintramon. Resistance to Endeavor’s Ralco plant in Biopio. The 2019 They killed Marcelo Vega Cortez, Anti-cellulose Arako. ”

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“My condolences to his colleagues, family and friends. Although nothing comforts you at this time, I would like to say with respect that Xavier’s struggle is echoed and multiplied in this Constituent Assembly. In his name, we will create an environmental constitution and guarantee the human right to water“Component added.

The Former Senator and former center-left presidential candidate Yasna Provoste, Said the activist’s death should be “deeply and immediately investigated.”“Your case cannot go unpunished”Confirmed the Christian Democrats

According to ONG Global Witness, Latin America is the most dangerous area for environmentalists, with 148 of the 212 homicides in 2019.. Fundación Glaciares Chilenos, a non-profit organization, said, “The assassination of Javiera Rojas shows how dangerous it is to be an environmentalist in Latin America. And there are no more dead environmentalists!”