May 31, 2023

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Chavismo strengthens its power in the face of divided opposition | Twenty of the twenty-three states were left in the hands of the Venezuelan ruling party

From Caracas

Chavismo won the regional elections Sunday. This is what the national political map shows, in terms of governors Twenty states in the hands of the Venezuelan United Socialist Party (Psuv) and three different opposition forces, Irreversible map except the state of Paris, which was still in final count on Monday afternoon. Twenty state capitals were in the hands of Savismo, out of a total of 335 mayors, Psuv won in 205, which is still in the process of closing.

“I extend my hand to meet with the elected governors of the opposition, to formulate joint plans and to support their elected states. I urge the successful opposition governors to have political experience (…). . Nicolas Maduro, led by Chavismo, Within minutes of the election results being released.

All three states won by the opposition are Cojets, For the Bureau of Democratic Solidarity (MUD), New Sparta, By the Fuerza Vecinal Party, and Julia, The oil area, in particular, is marked by a shortage of electricity and water. For the Nuevo Tiempo party, with Manuel Rosales. “If we had been together, there would have been at least a dozen governorships with Julia’s victory last night, and a significant number of mayors,” said Rosales, a former governor and former presidential candidate against Hugo Chavez in 2006.

The opposition was one of the elements that allowed Chavismo to win in many states. One of them, Tachira, important for being on the Colombian border, was recaptured by the Venezuelan United Socialist Party (Psuv). In the hands of Freddie Bernal, he has played a key role for the past four years under the guise of being the “guardian” of the state, especially on the border axis, a complex area due to the dynamics of abduction and paramilitary forces. Bernal received 138,496 votes on Sunday, winning 135.05% against current former governor Lady Gomez, while his third rival, Fernando Andrade, won with 54,787 votes.

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The status of Chavismo’s unity in party, government and speech, as opposed to the split in the opposition, was a central element in understanding the map thrown by the polls in the parties and in the news. In terms of votes, the opposition group received more than 4,400.00, and Psuv just over 3,700,000 – 600,000 fewer votes than in the 2020 Assembly elections – but because of the electoral system. The scene, and its strategy, was a huge majority success.

Meanwhile, the participation is 42.26%, which can be given for different explanations. And analysis. Elections were held in Chile on the same Sunday, with the president – Jose Antonio Cast and Gabriel Boric leaving the second round – with 47.3% of the vote. In France, where regional elections took place this year, the turnout was 34%. That is, In international comparison, the Venezuelan election was not marked by a strong vote, But one table shows, in many countries, less than 50% of the shares.

Low involvement

On a national basisNeglect analysis had many explanations. On the one hand, compared to 2020, the stock rose close to 11%, which means that it changed the downward trend. On the other hand, the sequence of regional elections shows a permanent decline in turnout, from 61% in 2017 to 53.94% in 2012. The increase in the referendum can be read as part of the political erosion resulting from the dynamics of the conflict and part of the deteriorating economic situation since 2014. -GDP fell by about 75% – In the framework of the Washington-led economic blockade, translated as immigration, wage loss, random dollarisation.

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“We must continue to restore the vote as a right, as an authority, as a permanent exercise, as a mechanism. Night.

Since 2018, this election has been a mechanism for measuring the forces within the opposition, in an environment that has been deepening since 2018, when one section of the opposition withdrew from Maduro’s election and the other decided to participate. The overall effect was negative because of the map of governorates and mayors, and to a greater extent to the protesters who had gathered on the MUD cover, especially the democratic movement, a part of the first justice and the will of the people, i.e. the forces that had controversially expressed themselves as the central actors of the opposition over the years.

“Politics cannot be used from social networks, but social networks can never change direct contact with people (…) by birth,” Rosales said. Message to Juan Guaidó. One of the questions that arises is who will take the lead in the ranks of the opposition in the wake of a new poor electoral performance and the inability to renew politics. All three elected governors became long-time politicians.

The same question has its international translation. The White House sent a message of support to Guaidó on Monday, saying that in December there would be representatives of the so-called “virtual summit of democracy” in Venezuela, led by Joe Biden. However, this support did not provide a clear answer to what Washington would do in view of the fact that Quito has only a virtual presence within the country, and within a year the Venezuelan government was able to regain legislative power. A new electoral power, according to the opposition, has now been able to win a majority of governors and mayors.

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