February 4, 2023

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Celebrating Christmas is banned in any 7 countries

The One of the Christmas celebrations More globalized. On the night of December 24, millions of families gather to commemorate the birth of the baby Jesus, giving gifts and sharing food and drink. However, in Countries in Africa and Asia Turns out to be one more day in the calendar. There are laws in some areas To prevent celebrating the date They consider this to be contrary to their religious traditions.

The nation of Asia, With a Muslim majority, has taken action in recent years Prohibition Christmas celebrations. It all started to fade in 2011 A man dressed as Father Frost (Russian version of Santa Claus) was killed In Dushanbe, the media reported Defender. The family accused police officers of being behind his murder. However, this case has happened because people fought under the influence of alcohol.

Artists in Dusty Square in Dushanbe, TajikistaniStock

In 2013 Father Frost was banned from appearing On the screens of national television. The Ministry of Education issued an order for December 2015 “Fireworks, festive food, gifts, fundraising and the installation of a live (firewood) or artificial Christmas tree are strictly prohibited. In schools and universities. The move extended beyond the education sector.

Asian country Limited to celebration since 2016. Their leader Kim Jong-un His grandmother Kim Jong-un, who was born in 1919, invited everyone to celebrate. Holy Mother of the Revolution. In 2017, December restrictions were strengthened to prevent criminals.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un insisted on celebrating his grandmother in December
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged his grandmother to celebrate in DecemberEfe

Any meeting related to drinking, singing and singing Other entertainment Y The control of external information is being strengthened, ”said Korean intelligence officials.

Human rights organizations, the American newspaper quoted New York Post, Enter 50-70 thousand Christians were persecuted and imprisoned “for their faith”.

The 99% of the population This is a part of the African country Sunni Muslim religion. I.e. a minority belonging to other religious streams, so No. This Christmas tradition for them.

Students in the midst of struggles in Algeria
Students in the midst of struggles in AlgeriaEfe

Algeria received many Christian settlements, According to the company Reuters, From Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. So, some people continued their habits Celebrated on a small scale and sometimes anonymously.

“All events involved Christmas celebrations The New Year is contrary to Islamic culture, which can damage the faith of the Muslim community., he said Mohamed Cairo, The Shake of Somalia, in 2015. The country is located in the far east of Africa and was persecuted by militants of the jihadist group al-Shabab.

Somalia is governed by an Islamic calendar
Somalia is governed by an Islamic calendariStock

It warned its citizens, From To celebrate the birth of Jesus, May cause seizures. According to information from the chain Al-Jazeera, And Somalia Many Christians no longer live. It is noteworthy that the Islamic calendar is followed there, therefore, January 1 does not welcome the New Year.

One of the forces of the world From 2018, its citizens must promote traditional Chinese culture, not Western celebrations such as Christmas. In some cities they banned businesses delivering Christmas items.

“Guide and educate the religious circle (…) and its followers with basic socialist values”, Insisted Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, in statements quoted by Chain NPR.

Organizations condemned the persecution of Christians in China
Organizations condemned the persecution of Christians in ChinaiStock

Christian churches, according to the organization RFA, Have been persecuted in recent years Commonwealth Party. His shepherds had to do Call Small, secret meetings to avoid fines. About There are 44 million Christians living in China, Based on local media statistics.

Authorities in the region, located on the island of Borneo in South Asia, Block date And they catch those who are against the law. Those who celebrate Christmas can spend up to five years behind bars.

Nine percent of Brunei will be Christian
Nine percent of Brunei will be ChristianiStock

“Use religious symbols such as crosses, candles and placing Christmas trees. Singing religious songs and sending Christmas greetings is against the Islamic faith, ” the regime said in 2015, according to a report in ‘Chain’. Al-Jazeera. If a Muslim wears clothes similar to or similar to Santa Claus, he is guilty, According to the regulations.

Although international media ratings indicate it is close Nine percent of the population is Christian, Prevents the government from following their traditions.

The Muslim country, located in West Asia, is in the process of transformation. In recent years, he has been deliberately banned and punished Celebrates Christmas, But changed those restrictions.

In 2015, Shake Muhammad al-Orifi ordered Muslims to refrain from greeting Christians During a religious event. “If you celebrate the birth of the Son of God and greet him, it means you support his faith,” he told a local newspaper. Arabic News.

Saudi Arabia has eased Christmas restrictions slightly
Saudi Arabia has eased Christmas restrictions slightlyIStack

Saudi Committee on the Promotion of Morality and the Prevention of Companionship a Arrangements for Find and catch everyone who decorates your home, Celebrate privately or in public Date.

However, first 2016 began the process of social liberation, According to local media, this allowed Christian families to buy jewelry in stores in the capital Riyadh. “Christians in Saudi Arabia Celebrate Christmas in the New Year of Religious Tolerance”, Newspaper in 2020 Arabic News.

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