January 26, 2022

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Caspala: Jujuy is one of the best cities in the world for example of rural tourism

UNWTO seeks to give due recognition to the people of the world who have demonstrated their commitment to promoting and preserving their cultural heritage and sustainable development through tourism.

Caspala, Recognized by, a city in Jujuy Province World Tourism Organization (OMT) within the framework of competition “Best Tourist Villages“, Many places around the world took part in it Other Argentine cities. Recognized 44 people from 32 countries An example of rural tourism as they promote the cultural and natural values ​​they preserve and promote rural and community products and lifestyles.

The award was presented during this time 24th General Assembly Created on Madrid, Spain And received a diploma from the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation. Matthias Lammens. “This important recognition fills us with joy. We continue to work to improve the socio-cultural credibility, the traditional values ​​of each region, its biodiversity and its natural environment, and the development of regions and communities based on their natural values., The Minister promised.

“We are very happy to be able to show the world our customs and our cultural, ancestral and thousands of traditions,” he added. Nervous pass, Municipal Commissioner of Local Government.

Caspala Located in the field of Great Valley, 10 km to the west Santa Ana Already at 240 San Salvador de Jujuy. It is 3100 meters above sea level and has hilly relief. This will allow you to gain recognition Best Tourist Villages in Cello, To participate Project to improve the best tourist villages And should be a part of Red T Best Tourist Villages. Precisely, purpose UNWTO aims to improve these areas, reduce regional disparities and Fight against the population in those areas.

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“It’s a great feeling and the result of a job we’ve been doing for a long time. We have real cities with a lot of magic in Juju and Caspala is undoubtedly one of them,” he promised. Infobe, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Jujuy, Federico Posadas.

It is a city that is “located in a very difficult place to access and is recognized locally by renowned artisans. We had all the elements to choose from. We are very proud, ” he said.

With a population of about 300 people and an ancestral farming tradition, the city is located in the Valle Grande Department, more than 3000 meters above sea level.
With a population of about 300 people and an ancestral farming tradition, the city is located in the Valle Grande Department, more than 3000 meters above sea level.

This city is approx 300 people And Traditional agricultural tradition A killer Between mountains more than 3000 meters above sea level. Many of their families strengthened their businesses thanks to tourism, providing services such as guidance, handicrafts, lodging and traditional cuisine to reflect the culture of northern Argentina.

Website Jujuy Community Rural Tourism As described“A city of charm, ancient customs and colorful shawls.” “This is the farming community Its opens its doors for us to share its people and all its magic Traditions Our province is almost extinct. Beautiful and decorated Colored ribbons and embroidered shawls, caspala We look forward to sharing the unforgettable days with the warmth of its people ”, They promise.

Between The main attractions Is Church of Santa Rosa de LimaA church built in the 1840s, with bronze bells brought from Peru and the image of the patron saint of the city; The Old, With its ancient constructions made of mud and stones; And Old town, Another archeological site. In addition, from the city you can take the Inca Trail and the Serrania de Hornogel.

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240 km from San Salvador. The community also stands out for its family farming and livestock production And efforts Rural tourism development, Why not enjoy an experience between the heights of the Hartlers. There is more A cultural center In it are exhibited pieces of many artisans, i.e. shawls embroidered with images of flowers from the field and in other cases, they restored weaving techniques on old looms to make clothing and other items.

The climate of Caspala is typical of Puna, with hot summers and cool nights, with severe winters and rainfall in the summer.
The climate of Caspala is typical of Puna, with hot summers and cool nights, with severe winters and rainfall in the summer.

The Climate It is located in Gaspola The usual one from Pune, It is hot during the day and cold at night, with severe winters and rainfall in the summer. It is believed to be the best time to travel From April to December, During the period from January to March, in many cases, the rain stops. Except for the Jujuy people, Two more represented Argentina: Trevolin on the submarine and Concepci டெn del Ecuador Cora on the Coriander.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports Revealed with All provinces Country to participate in the proposal. They presented themselves Circles That Meet With A maximum of 15,000 people live in areas connected to agriculture, forestry, livestock or fishing and share the values ​​and way of life of the community.

When presenting the award, The In order Such as estimated parameters Integration of natural and cultural resources, tourism potential and development, and its value chain. Management and priority of health and safety, tourism, infrastructure and connectivity, and economic, social and environmental sustainability, Among others.

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