June 7, 2023

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Carlos III blasted video after getting confused and inking himself during the day: “I can’t stand this damn thing!”

Belfast.— L King Charles iii There was another Disgusting episode After that it went viral on social media A spilled pen smeared it with ink during a signing ceremony in Northern IrelandFor the second time in the last few days he was visibly irritated Ethical actions Then he was to take over as the new king The death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II Last Thursday at the age of 96.

His Majesty the King, Arrival Northern Ireland As part of the UK tour He was greeted with raucous gatherings and welcome speeches to mourn his mother. With him the new queen consort, His wife CamilleBoth are dressed in black as a tribute to the heartbreaking loss that has left the entire country in mourning.

Sep. 13. People cheer as King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen’s consort, sign a book of visitors during a visit to Hillsborough Castle, Belfast, Tuesday, 2022. (Niall Carson/Pool Photo via AP)Niall Carson – Poole BA

In a short time Greetings followers of the crownThe royal couple visited Hillsborough Castle near Belfast for a book signing. That’s when it was Carlos replied in frustration, the pen he was using dripping ink on his hand.

“God I hate this!”The new king said furiously as he noticed the ink dripping. Then he stood up and handed the pen to his wife.

“Oh look, it goes everywhere”As Carlos wiped his fingers, Camila mentioned the ink.

“I can’t stand this shit…”He inaugurated the President in pen.

Moments before he noticed a leak in the pen, the king was furious By confusing today’s date and writing it wrongly on the paper. One of his aides warned him that it was September 13, not 12, to the king’s confusion.

King Carlos: “You can’t handle this damn thing”

This is Second time within a week In which King Carlos III is publicly upset, episodes spread on social networks due to his surprising nature.

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Signing the documents in London on Saturday, Annoyed, Carlos gestured prematurely and made faces at his assistants to slide a pen holder that was taking up space in the center of the desk.

Before being named king, a former aide admitted that Carlos could be funny. But he was narrow minded and needy.

During his tour of Belfast, Charles III visited officials and representatives of all parties in Northern Ireland. Follow in his mother’s footstepsIn an effort to foster harmony and a better future in the historically troubled nation of the United Kingdom.

The King remembered his mother at Hillsborough Castle, in response to a message of warm condolence sent to him by the Speaker of the Assembly, on behalf of the local Parliament. Alex MaskeyA famous former boxer and member of the Republican Party and the Catholic Sinn Féin party.

The queen, inciting Carlos III, He “prayed” throughout his reign to “heal the wounds” of Northern IrelandAware of the “pain” experienced by many in this land, it is strongly attached, while loyal to the pillar of “constitutional system” as “guarantee of all the nations of the United Kingdom”.

Reuters and ANSA agencies