May 30, 2023

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Building collapses in Sicily: three killed and six missing | The task of searching for survivors in the rubble

Three people were killed and six were missing when a four-storey building collapsed Explosion on the island of Sicily in Italy, According to a partial balance made by the authorities.

Two women were rescued alive from the property From the city of Ravanusa, Saturday night after the crash.

Confirmed by the Regional Civil Defense Division of Sicily Not four but three people were killed on his Facebook page this Sunday. Previously reported.

Rescue teams with special dogs searched the wreckage this Sunday in an effort to locate the missing.

According to officials who began the investigation, the explosion may have been caused by a gas leak.

A pit was probably discovered to collect the gasAgrigento provincial fire chief Giuseppe Merendino told the Rainews24 chain.

This gas bag then had an accidental trigger: A car, an elevator, a home appliance, “he said.

In the aftermath of Saturday night’s bombing, Ravanusa Mayor Carmelo de Angelo appealed to everyone “with shovels and graders” on Facebook. “It has been a disaster,” he said.

Nails 50 people were displacedD’Angelo told Reigns 24 after verifying that surrounding buildings were also affected by the blast.

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