December 6, 2022

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Britons Divided Over King Carlos III’s Irritated Reaction: “He Doesn’t Have Enough Self-Control”

London.- Although they are in the world, they have gone viral Videos of new King Carlos III making irritating gestures in recent days Perhaps because of the moment of confusion and change he experiences while signing the documents with his pen, All this had little effect in England.

The BBC, the television colossus, has been broadcasting news to commemorate this period of mourning, the end of one regime and the beginning of another. Videos that went around the world have never been shown over and over again, except when he broadcasts them live. In a kind of introspection at a time when the nation needed to unite and weep, newspapers, in small boxes, reported the truth without commenting on anything. And don’t criticize the new king.

King Carlos III: “You can’t do this damn thing”

On the street, when asked what they thought of these pictures and the behavior of the new king – yesterday he shouted, irritated, “I can’t take this shit” A note about a pen that leaked ink – didn’t even know about many episodes.

Yesterday, 70-year-old retiree Laura May was confused and criticized when North American network CBS showed her the video that went viral. “The Disrespect of American Television”.

80-year-old historian Peter Fraser had a different reaction. I think the new king So far he has given great public speechesHe made his intentions clear and promised to follow in his mother’s footsteps,” he said. “But these videos that show his irritation, his impatience, are attitudes that he needs to change because they are so negative.”, he commented. “When this tense moment passes, I’m sure he’s regaining his composure Self control [autocontrol] His mother had,” he added, sitting in a cafe in Kensington.

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Fraser went further. “The language King uses in those videos is not catastrophic. But it is far below the level of language used by his mother. He doesn’t have enough self-control.” And considering the untimely mistakes he made in his earlier life, he insists, “It’s important now.” It shows determination and maturity A king or head of state is needed.

Although he didn’t want to mention his failed marriage to Diana, for example, several years earlier, Fraser noted that the then Prince of Wales.He spoke very ill of some modern architectsAs a member of the royal family began to enter political and social arenas that should not have been entered.

Sitting in the same cafe, but at a different table, Mimi Yamamoto, a 40-year-old Japanese political analyst who has lived in London for 20 years, was also critical.

“Certainly that kind of behavior and that kind of language is not expected of a king in public”, said. “What you see in those videos is very different from the speeches he gave. And they reflect a lack of discretion. He was aware that he was being televised, but despite that, he took this attitude, which shows a lack of judgment and discretion,” he categorically ruled.

“I don’t want to sink or condemn Raja because he has done so well so far, but Care should be taken for the future. I believe graduallyFind out where you stand“, he added.

“Those videos don’t speak well of him,” admitted Paul Spence, a junior student of politics and economics at King’s College. A little hot”. But as many did on social media, he forgave the new king because he was grieving and under a lot of stress since his mother’s death, and he hasn’t had a minute’s rest since. “So I give him a little breathing room.”Paul pointed out.

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In line with this view, another colleague from the same university, Jack Clayton, 20, considered Carlos III’s approach. “Unacceptable”, but at the same time “very understandable”..

“After all, King Carlos III was a man, Mourning the death of the mothera grief he had to interrupt when he was forced to sign documents and conform to superficial conventions”, commented the young man. “I don’t see her irritation as a sign of her character or personality, but as a sign of the treatment of royalty in modern times, especially in times of pain.”