April 1, 2023

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Britain’s military chief dismisses rumors about Putin’s health: “Son illusions”

LONDRES.— The Chief of State of the British Armed Forces, Admiral Tony Radakin, today dismissed rumors that the health of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has been degraded. o que este podría ser asesinado.

“Creo que algunos de los comentarios de que [Putin] no está bien o de que surementare alguien va a asesinarle oa eliminarle, creo que son illusiones”, said Radakin during a televised interview on the BBC broadcast today.

“Como profesionales militares, We see a relatively stable regime in Russia. El presidente Putin ha sido capáz de plastar cualquier oposición (…) y ninguno de los que están en la cima [del poder] tiene ánimo de defeasar al presidente Putin”, added Radakin.

Los rumors about the state of health of the Russian leader are very difficult to verify.

According to Radakin, “the challenge that Russia poses will last” potentially “decades” and the prime minister who succeeds Boris Johnson must be aware that Russia represents “the major threat” to Great Britain.

Radakin declared to the BBC that the Ukrainian army was “absolutely” convinced that it was going to win the war triggered by the Russian invasion of the country on February 24.

According to the British army’s first calculations, Russia “perdió más del 30% de su eficià en el combate terrestre”.

“This means that 50,000 Russian soldiers have died or been injured in this conflict, that almost 1,700 Russian tanks have been destroyed, and that nearly 4,000 Russian-owned armored vehicles have been destroyed,” said Radakin.

Un ataque ruso en VinnytsiaEfrem Lukatsky – AP

The situation in Ukraine will focus on the military reports of the future prime minister, who will replace Boris Johnson, who resigned at the beginning of July.

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Y entonces tendremos que recordarle al prime minister la extraordinaria responsabilidad que tiene con el Reino Unido como potencia nuclear”, noted el jefe militar británico.

During the interview, Radakin was also asked about a BBC investigation that revealed this week that a commando unit of the British Special Air Service (SAS) had killed at least 54 people under suspicious circumstances in Afghanistan.

Radakin contested that the military police had established that “this did not happen”, but that they would return to examine the question if new concrete evidence arose.

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