June 7, 2023

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Brenda Aznikar spoke of her mysterious encounter with her great-grandmother after their separation: “She told me she wasn’t following her heritage”

Brenda Aznikar spoke about the mysterious meeting she had with her great-grandmother after their separation: “She told me she didn’t follow her tradition” (Video: Noach Al Tende, USA)

from Brenda Aznikar Pedant read Antonella In the youth band The ugly duckling, his career grew and he never stopped working. First an actress and then a singer, the 31-year-old has devoted herself fully to her career.

This Thursday, in Al dente night (Latin) The The former ugly duckling He opened his heart, sang several musical themes live and was encouraged to play with the conductor in a thread of questions and answers, among which I do not regret this love, Gilda.

“I couldn’t go to a competition on TV, for example I couldn’t be in a dance because I wasn’t into conflict. For me it would be an emotional disaster, and when I get angry, I get really angry,” Brenda began, describing herself.

In a joking tone, the driver, who knew the story, asked him to tell it The day he tied his parents. Smiling, the young woman explained, “Once when I was a girl, I saw my parents kissing each other and decided to tie them so that they wouldn’t get separated not at all”.

Brenda Aznikar spoke of her mystical encounter with her great-grandmother after their separation: “She told me she didn’t follow her heritage” (Nite al Tende, USA)

“I was very naughty with my great-grandmother, I was always in the hospital because I had accidents, they keep happening to me, I recently cut my finger with a knife that frosted a cake,” he continued in a climactic way. Confessions.

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Later, the actress demonstrated her ability to learn languages. “I love how to speak other languages, my great-grandfather is Italian and I went to an Italian school, and I also learned Mandarin Chinese because I had to play a character in Cumbia Ninja.”

Brenda has always been very circumspect when it comes to her partners, but now that she’s single, Dating someone who has “already passed the zongo category”, agreed. “He’s a hottie but he doesn’t look like it,” he slips to avoid further questions.

Then he told how his marriage was at the age of 27. “I got married on a small and beautiful island. In Croatia. Life was so crazy at the time, so I slept dressed all night on my wedding night,” she admitted while clarifying that she’s on good terms with her ex-husband. “I adore him, I love him, we love each other so much.”

Brenda Aznikar shares her experience with her great-grandmother (Night Al Tende, USA).

His interest in music arose later The ugly duckling, where she performed several dance and singing performances. In this regard, he has told how the moment he met was like Charlie Garcia. “Charlie has been a great blessing to me. I met him through his partner, Mecha. One day when I was recording Charlie came and said she wanted to hear my song”.

After that moment, one day when she was going to put on her make-up before singing, the music director’s assistant called her and said he was going to see her. “Charlie likes to play” He told me, I nearly died of emotion. When he came on he played the passenger in the trance and it was amazing. I sometimes talk to him when I’m really sad It was Charlie who asked me to do a lot of the music. As a result I am working on my second album which will be released later this year,” he revealed.

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Later, the actress highlighted her taste for plants. “I have a very deep connection with nature. I have now planted 4 meter tall trees. I have a drumstick and a rosemary. They have many air purifying properties. I created a forest where there was nothing and planted 150 seed trees.

Brenda Aznikar describes her extrasensory experience and her connection with trees (Instagram)

Finally, Brenda spoke He had an extrasensory experience with his great-grandmother She separated from her husband. “When I broke up, I went to the beach and met a woman who specializes in mermaids. She told me she was going to give me a date and tell her if it meant anything to me. And he tells me: ‘July 9’. “It’s my great-grandmother’s birthday,” I replied There Mari is talking to him and he tells me that she is my mother’s grandmother. She is me He said I did not follow his legacy. At that moment I started crying with emotion and then I realized that I was right, I broke up to focus on my life, to make my music, that’s why my record company is called. Bandit MemoriesBecause she called me that, thief”.

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