May 30, 2023

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Brazilian Senate nominates Jair Bolsanaro for “crimes against humanity” for handling the epidemic

Jair Bolzano (Photo: Reuters)

A Senate committee Brazil Approved Tuesday Report recommending the indictment of Jair Bolzano for serious crimes such as “crimes against humanity.” Epidemic management and He called on the president to suspend access to his social media accounts, citing misinformation about Covit, who killed 605,000 people in Brazil.

As expected, Seven of the 11 senators who questioned the administration approved the speech by Senator Renan Calheroes. Last week, several more ministers and former ministers were asked to file charges against 77 people, including the president’s three children and two companies.

Now, after the approval of the report, the Commission concludes Six months of work, It will now review applications to the Supreme Court, the Brazilian Attorney’s Office and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Also, the same committee of the upper house made the request this Tuesday The Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office suspended access to Bolsanaro’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Until the new order.

The demand comes after the far-right president mentioned it in a direct link last week Misinformation linking the AIDS vaccine. The video was later removed from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Video site decided The Bolzano channel should also be suspended for a week.

Speech by the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CBI) Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, Calls for a “precautionary suspension” of access to Bolsanaro’s accounts “Avoid destroying evidence.”

It was approved shortly before ICC members voted on a report recommending that the president be charged with a dozen crimes, including “crimes against humanity” for managing the government’s epidemic.

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Bolsanaro, who is skeptical of remote operations and anticoagulant antigens, noted last Thursday that there was false information, which says there are official reports from the UK government.Recommendation“People who are fully vaccinated develop AIDS “Faster than expected.”

There was information of Rejected By the British Government in the Agency’s Verification Service AFP.

The President asks “Retreats into the national chain, denying the link between the corona virus vaccine and the development of AIDS”, Under a fine of 50,000 Rice (approximately USD 9,000) for each day of non-compliance.

“We can no longer tolerate such behavior.”Rodriguez wrote in a speech in which he blamed Bolzano “Continue with its policy of creating misinformation and social confusion.”

The president is often accused of spreading false news. In August, the Supreme Court decided to prosecute him for “crimes.”Slander“e”Trigger To commit crime”, Among other reasons related to his questions without proof of electronic voting system in Brazil.

(With information from AFP and Europa Press)

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