March 28, 2023

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Brazil election: New poll of Lula and Jair Bolsanaro | The difference in favor of the BT leader is widening

New poll of IPEC advice Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva On the verge of a possible first round victory In the 2022 election in Brazil. The poll presents at least two scenarios with potential candidates for the presidency, as it is not yet officially decided who will go to the polls. In both cases With 22 percent of the vote for President Jair Bolsanaro, Lula receives at least 48 percent of the vote. Former Governor of San Pablo, Geraldo Alkmin, That was announced on Wednesday Three decades later he left the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), This triggers the possibility that he will come with Lula in the presidential formula.

The first phase

In the first scene contemplated by the IPEC survey, Lula received 48 percent of the vote, Jair Bolzano 21 percent, Sergio Moro six percent, Ciro Gomez five percent and Joao Toria two percent. Many candidates say they have not even reached one percent of the voting target, while nine percent of those polled say they will vote blank or zero, and the remaining five percent say it has not been decided.

The second scene

In the second scenario, Leaving certified candidates, Lula reaches 49 percent Then they appear Bolzano (22 percent), Morrow (eight percent), Gomez (five per cent), Toria (three per cent) and the undecided number drops to three per cent. The data of this IPEC survey, which was conducted on about two thousand people between December 9 and 13, cannot be compared with the previous surveys due to the change in the names discussed.

Who to vote for Lula

According to the data of the consultation, Lula has the best numbers (68 per cent) of those who rate Bolsanaro management bad or very bad., Northeast population (63 percent), suburban residents (55 percent) and Catholics (54 percent). The leader of the Labor Party (PT) shows the best performance among people with the lowest monthly family income.

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Approval of Bolzano

Finally, “Do you approve or reject the way President Jair Bolzano rules Brazil?” Of those surveyed, 27 percent said yes, 68 percent said no, and four percent said they did not know or did not want to respond. Before the question “Do you trust President Jair Bolsanaro?”, 27 percent answered positively and 70 percent negatively.

Another positive review for the PT leader

Another Modalmais / Future Intelligence poll was released on Tuesday, showing Lula’s willingness to direct all the scenes for the first and second rounds. In the main phase of the first round, Lula reached 37.9 percent of the voting target, up from 30.6 percent for President Bolzano and 9.8 percent for former Judge Moro. In the second round, Lula had 50.8 percent of the vote, with 37 percent compared to Bolzano.

Alkmin appears to be Lula’s potential companion

The resignation of the former governor of San Pablo was announced this Wednesday, Geraldo Alkmin, To the PSDB, the former governor of San Pablo, rumors abounded about the possibility that he would join Lula in the presidential formula. “This is a new time, a time of change.”Says Alkmin in a farewell letter posted on his social media sites. His resignation opens a new panorama in the framework of his negotiations with Lula, with whom on Sunday he will attend a charity banquet hosted by a panel of legal experts who confronted the law through Operation Lava Jato.