May 31, 2023

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Brazil: Chico Buarque condemns Bolsonaro’s son | “for moral damages”

Brazilian singer Chico Burke (Photo, with Lula) sued Flavio BolsonaroPresident’s son Jair BolsonaroMoral damage to his honor and image He posted a compilation on Instagram to “confuse voters” for misusing images from his album “Chico Puerque de Hollanda” from 1966. Musician is one of the supporting celebrities Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in that country’s elections.

“In a montage posted by Flávio on his Instagram, Jair Bolsonaro’s son suggests support for Chico, who allegedly attacked voters and robbed the poor for Lula” said the musician’s lawyer. Joao Tancredo to the local context O’Globo.

“This is undeniably an unauthorized and improper use of the image in a context that threatens his honor. In addition to confusing voters and tarnishing his reputation, he is associated with the image of a candidate he does not support but vehemently rejects. Between the apparent defense of the authoritarian regime, the torture, the death of political opponents and other points,” Tancredo said.

The case is pending before the 6th Special Civil Court of the Capital Lagos District. One of the delegates was called Francisco Buarque de Holland (his real name). Brazilian popular musicMore than 17 albums recorded and a musical career spanning more than five decades.

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