May 30, 2023

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Brazil: Bolsonaro’s followers give Nazi salute | They ignore Lula’s victory and demand military intervention

From Sao Paulo

On All Souls Day, The Tropical Nazism Re-emerged from Brazilian sewers St. Catherine. In San Miguel del Este, a town in the state closest to the Missions border, several hundred conspirators saluted Hitler while singing the anthem. They chose to assemble in front of the headquarters of the 14th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade. In front of its gates and disused tank, they were filmed celebrating the crime scene. They sought the army’s involvement in the subversive movement It did not recognize Lula’s electoral victory. The third day of unrest was accompanied by roadblocks and mobilizations carried out by supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro, a fact that prompted the intervention of the public prosecutor’s office due to its severity.

Yes right Reduced picket numbers Mostly produced by truckers San Pablo leaf They continued in fifteen states. The belated and almost compliant presence of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) – colonized by the ruling party, in some cases rejected and in some cases suppressed by the Federal Supreme Court (TSF) – called for a coup by the Bolsonaros.

Who is Silvini Vasquez?

your boss, Silvini Vasquez, was nominated for the position by one of the president’s sons, Flavio. Your service record is very dirty. The Justice Department tried him for charges of bribery, death threats and other prescribed offences. His police file contains so many misdemeanors and crimes that when digital media Metropoles requested information about him, the government decreed that his hundred years as an officer be “secret”.

Vasques assumed leadership of the PRF in April 2021 and was given more funding powers due to secret budgets (budgets). No wonder he took to his social networks to call for a vote for Bolsonaro. Measures to prevent Lula’s supporters from participating in elections in the country’s northeast. Now he has to answer to the Ministry of Public Works (MPF) for crimes and irregularities against democratic government.

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The protests that began on Sunday night on the 30th to reject the outcome of the referendum were not spontaneous. They were set up at least two weeks ago via Telegram and WhatsApp, and were broadcast on YouTube by characters such as retired soldier Turval Ferreira or some places of the extreme right with thousands of followers on the networks: the Brazilian Right Federation , the Conservatives, the group Renato Barros and the civil society OCS, among others.

On the outskirts of the city, a major road blockade occurred from the night of the 30th to the early hours of the 31st, when traffic was blocked on the highway leading to Cuarulhos Airport. Dozens of flights had to be delayed or canceled. Already at midday on Monday, the plotters ran to the side of the highway, wearing their Brazilian team jerseys and green and yellow flags.

Truck drivers who blocked roads were fined on several occasions, while others were commended by the military police – Four uniformed men seen saluting coup plotters in San Pablo – Notably, the cuts have begun to taper off in the past 24 hours. In Minas Gerais they went from 12 to 8, and in Rio Grande do Sul there were none left, police said, but there was one exception: Santa Catarina. From Florianopolis to Cambori, the state is where tens of thousands of Argentinians choose their beaches every summer.

Bolsonaro won 69 percent of the vote in Santa Catarina. The Itajai Valley is a Lebensraum or German stronghold, arising from the Hitlerian colonialism of the 30s and 40s in Brazil. To the south is Blumenau, a mountain town famous for its beer festival.

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In 2018, Jair Bolsonaro won 83.95 percent of the vote in the second round, which took him to the presidency, 16.05 against PT’s Fernando Haddad. It’s no coincidence that he won by that margin four years ago and is now pushing back by a wide margin. The first Nazi cell in the country was established in 1928. As seen this Wednesday in San Miguel del Este, the Führer’s ideology germinated the seeds sown by his forefathers in the region.

As the group of women and men settled down on BR-163 in front of the mechanized cavalry barracks, they began singing the Brazilian national anthem while raising their right arms in a Nazi salute. There are not a few people who try to do it themselves. Pictures taken from the top of the vehicle. The cell phone carrier now operates a camera that depicts the situation in the hands of justice. The public prosecutor’s office launched an investigation to identify the coup plotters who were sympathetic to Nazism.

At the last minute, President Bolsonaro addressed all those blocking the roads. “I want to ask you to block the roads, it is not legal to block the highways…” he suggested in the 2-minute video, where he also talked about the legality of the protests. He bid farewell to his four-year reign with remarks about how he had inspired patriotism, the green and yellow colors of the flag, the defense of family and freedom. Almost a preview of his farewell. A tie that didn’t end as he would have liked, but his silence for almost two days stoked nasty anti-democratic sentiments.

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