February 4, 2023

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Borick in his final campaign: “We are going to unite to defeat this government and the legacy of Pinochetism” | We look forward to the second round in Chile this Sunday

From Santiago

This was Thursday Completion of the second round of campaigns Of elections President of ChileIt is planned for this Sunday, December 19th And is considered by many to be the most polarized since his return to democracy in 1989. Fact: Both candidates have completely different plans, but are anchored to different historical periods.

On the one hand, Gabriel Borick is coming from a new place It stems from the 2011 student struggles to renew Chilean relations with the economy, technology, civil rights, environment and culture. A progressive Chile is less open to dictatorship and change Again Personalities like former presidents Ricardo Lagos and Michael BaselEven awards in such economics Joseph Stiglitz Or philosopher Slavoj Jisek.

On the other hand, Jose Antonio Cast, A cTraining the Adolescent fan of the tradition of the Pinochet dictatorship, With German ancestors who participated in Hitler’s army (although according to him they were not Nazis) and the dictator’s ministerial brother. Its plan emphasizes police and immigration control, along with restructuring economic measures in favor of big business. Although he accuses his proposal of being a caricature, it is enough to look at his interviews and advertisements, the enormous privilege he has made for voters. Restore order and discipline Once upon a time there was that country.

The place chosen by the candidates to start a period is not a small detail – by law – there will be no more public appearances, interviews or campaigns. Borick chose Almacro Park, located in the heart of Santiago. Some blocks from the Palacio de la Moneta in the south are easily accessible to any citizen. Cast, on the other hand, did it in Parque Araucano, In spite of a blockage, name, it evokes the claims of the natives to a foreigner, and to the Chileans it represents the heart of Vittagura, The richest commune in the country, Surrounded by exclusive access buildings, modern highways and a shopping center with a luxury district and the largest Falabella shop in South America. A candidate has no small details Has proposed to reduce taxes on large assets Without allocating much space to the demands of the citizens. In Chile, the left-wing movement with an impeccable democratic tradition, Brendan Omblio, ruled with Bachelet during his second term, even in his second term, in stark contrast to Borik’s proposal from the Abrew Dignity, a coalition of the Communist Party.

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“Not selected”

At about 7:40 p.m., Borick took to the stage in his white shirt and now the classic light blue jacket, moving thousands of people who had arrived several hours earlier, enduring the usual 30-degree dry heat. End of spring in Santiago. Surrounded by people like Santiago’s new mayor, Irací Hassler and the glamorous Izkia Siches, he resigned as head of the medical college to support his campaign (and was nominated by Michelle Bachelet in the press. Time As one of the future leaders).

Boric He tried to give a final message, which was interrupted by two people passing by, who made sure they were fine so he could continue. The first thing to note is the differences with his rival: “Proposer to discriminate against single mothers from married women who want to force a raped woman to become a mother. We say no to them and they will not pass. We are in 2021“People, we are not going to allow women to be used in this way in the campaign, along with the feminist movement that has changed the way we look at this country.”

“It is difficult to see the government candidate’s campaign creating terrorism. This is the symbol of Pinochet! Ours is not scary. This is one of the most promising and convincing solutions. We’re going to change the recipe to get a better security policy, have better policing in the environments they need, and let drug traffickers know: we’re not going to make room for drug trafficking.

Borick delivered a powerful speech in front of a wave of people who were seldom seen in times of epidemics with the shout, “It feels, feels, Borick President.” “We are very strong when we come together. We are coming together, I say, because beyond my 35th year, I feel part of a historic post. We are going to unite to defeat the legacy of the government and Pinochetism.

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Death of “old woman”

At 3:30 p.m., horns began to sound in the center of Santiago, which went viral on news chats and social networks until it officially became: he died at the age of 99. Lucia Hiriard, wife of Augusto Pinochet, A controversial woman is said to have been behind key decisions of the dictatorship, such as having the disgruntled Manuel Contreras as director of the Directorate of National Intelligence or arbitrarily managing the donations of supporters of the regime. In fact, many jokes were made about her death in Chile, and there is a Twitter account that warns daily whether the woman is still alive or not.

That’s why, in Plaza Bagutano, it was renamed Plaza de la Dignitat, which was able to stop the locomotion, which is not strange. However, it can also be read as a compensatory celebration: she died unpunished just like her infamous husband. However, this fact meant closing campaigns.

Although he supported the human rights abuses in Punta de Puigo’s VIP prison, when Cast tried to distance himself from the matter, he now pointed out in a radio interview: “I’m not close to the family, but it’s not going to be a private funeral, it’s family-owned.” And he added, “Rather than mourning the family, I leave it as a human truth (….) People celebrate, but no one expects it.”

Borick was very direct and shared what many Chilean people think on Twitter: “Lucia Hiriard is dying without punishment despite the deep pain and divisions in our country. My regards to the victims of the dictatorship in which he was a member. I do not celebrate impunity or death, we work for a just and dignified life free from provocation or violence.

This Sunday is a clear summary of two ideas that are practically uncompromising to rule the Andean country.

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