June 3, 2023

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Bolzano misses meeting Anes | There is no record that they officially saw each other

From Brasilia

Jair Bolsanaro has admitted meeting with former Bolivian President Jeanine Anes, confirming doubts about Brazil’s support for a plot to oust President Evo Morales. Possible encounters could be a tip for getting caught up in conspiracies, secret flights, the escape of ministers and the supply of weapons. In an apparently spontaneous act, the retired captain and president said: “Former President of Bolivia, Jeanine … I was with her once, she was a good man in prison.” Then add, angrily, “Do you know what the charge against him is? (Doing) anti-democratic acts.” While no official summit between the two has yet been released, the conversation has taken place in secret.

According to the report, according to Bolzano, attacking companies is something that should not be punished with the arrest of the former president, who is being held in a prison in La Paz as he prepares to face a new trial. Bolsanaro did not say when or where the meeting with the woman who practically ruled between November 2019 and December 2020, when President Louis Ars took office, took place. During that period of more than a year, the Bolivian president’s plane flew to Brazil frequently and secretly, with the approval of the head of state or only with him.


On some Polsonarista YouTube channels, they realized the seriousness of the president’s statements about his appointment with Anes and removed them from the air. The president’s opinion or confession may be put to court for consideration, beginning this week, with former military and police chiefs beginning to judge Añez in a process known as “Conspiracy II”.

A former top official of Morales and an ambassador currently working outside his country, in conversation with Page 12 and anonymously, analyzed the Brasilia-La Paz connection and the elements that could contribute to its immediate new experiment. “I believe President Bolsanaro’s statement is important for this investigation because it is further evidence that the government of Evo Morales was attacked by an international organization, which means that the plot was aided by foreign aid.” We will have to wait for the evolution of this oral inquiry, the former officer proposes, but “if Anes accepts that the meeting took place, he should explain why he did not report it.”

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“Ms. Anes is being prosecuted for using the path of violence for not coming to power constitutionally. The Bolivian people want an inquiry into the deaths that took place since she came to power,” the ambassador continued.

AÑEZ, welcome

The secret meeting between Bolzano and Anes was in line with Brasilia’s public support for the movement that ousted Morales. On the morning of November 13, 2019, just hours after Anes took office, Brazil was the first country to congratulate the new “constitutionally” formed government. Annes Palacio del Cumato was accompanied by Fernando Camacho, leader of the Santa Cruz de la Sierra, nicknamed “Bolsanaro of Bolivia”, and was welcomed in mid-2019 by then-Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Arujo. After the conversation, Camacho and Arazo were photographed with Carla Zambelli, a member of the radical Bolsanaro dynasty.

It is noteworthy that the Bolivian coup was not one of the new “soft” types, nor was it parliamentary or “legal”, as it was in the overthrow of Dilma Rousseff in 2016 and former Paraguayan President Fernando Luko in 2012. Axes with the participation of the police and military with some resemblance to those preserved to this day by the Brazilian president who led the dictatorships of the 60s and 70s.

Brazil’s support for La Paz civil-military rule continued with the aim of creating regional right – wing hegemony in 2020, with the support of Peruvian candidates Keiko Fujimori and Chile’s Antonio Cast. To that end, it was necessary to prevent the Morales movement from returning to socialism through the candidacy of Louis Ars, who would finally win by a wide margin in October 2020. In this case, Brazil was the last to express its desire. Ars, who won, was the former Minister of Economy and Finance during the Morales administration.

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In June 2020, Pagina 12 published an article by Felipe Japhor about the “suspicious and contingent flights” of the Bolivian Air Force 001, FAB001, the presidential flight to Brazil, during which Anes spent six months in Palacio del Cumato. The investigation is based on information from the US aviation watchdog FlightAware.

The list of trips to Brazil includes a number of Brasilia where the encounter between Bolzano and Anes could have taken place, as the former captain blamed his rival Luis Inacio during a live broadcast on social media a few months ago. Lula da Silva of the Labor Party, “to support the return of the people of Evo Morales in Bolivia”.

The first flight of FAB001 took place on November 11, 2019, “after the fall of President Morales and before Annes’ assumption,” according to Bolivian sources close to the newspaper. “In my opinion, the flight on November 11 was so strange that we did not know whether to take anything from Brazil or bring anything. I’m an ambassador, a president should announce when he leaves the country. And leave the vice president, it did not happen.”

Senator Oak

PT’s Brazilian senator Rogelio Carvalho has no doubt Brazil’s involved in the plot against Morales. “From zero to ten, the chances of Paulsonaro supporting the conspiracy are ten.” When asked by the newspaper, he said, “Bolzano gives his full support to anti-democratic or anti-democratic political forces.”

According to Carvalho, Congress can take action on the matter and find out how Bolsanaro’s relations and other possible connections with Anes were.

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The border between the two countries, with a length of more than 3,400 kilometers, is an area full of unanswered questions, through which the evidence for the treason movement of 2019 would have passed and by 2020 it would have been the escape zone for Añez officials from its defense ministry. Luis Fernando Lopez and Minister of State Arturo Murillo.


Murillo, a diplomat and former Morales official, recalled that after passing through Brazil, he was imprisoned in the United States for money laundering and other crimes related to the purchase of weapons. He suspects former defense chief Lopez may have been hiding in Brazil. Our source, which we interviewed in August and briefly discussed again on Sunday, re-enacts the FAB001’s secret voyage and highlights the voyage undertaken at the end of December 2020.

The date of the flight coincides with a document from the Bolivian Ministry of Defense stating that a load of weapons must be withdrawn by December 30. “As a simple citizen I wonder, there was a presidential plane in Brazil in December. Yes?” Is that normal? ” Asks the former Bolivian official.

It concludes by proposing that “contact” points should be investigated in connection with the “ex-president’s departure from the country” and the alleged “distribution of weapons in Rio” that Bolsonaro met with Anes.